CFL fans hopes and dreams for 2006

Last year, the old website had a topic where everybody could share the hopes and dreams about the CFL (this was the topic where I frist said I wanted to move the goalpost to the back of the end zone :roll: MY HAVE TIMES CHAGED!).

So in honor of that, I'd like to do that here on the forum. What are your hopes and dreams for 2006?

Tom wright contract expansion
Expansion to Halifax
Rule Changes:
*1. Action Point
2. keep Cross Over and award troupes to the East/West winner of standings, as well as an award for the best team overall.
*3. Singles on Balls hitting the uprights and Kickoffs that are made like FGs.
4. 3 week preseason (3 week play in neutral locations agaist rivals)
5. Punt Penalty (extension of No Yards)
6. move the OT to the 50 yard lines instead of the 35 yard line.
*7. have a C instead of 55 at the centre of the field (ike that opion in a create-a-stadium mode in the CFL video game)
8. Count QBs in the Import Ratio rule ( ... 1&start=30)

Miconginelos (aka Ex Games stuff):
a. New Points system with OT loss point and half points
*b. 3 minute warnings in each quarter (I don't know what it is about this rule proposal, but something in me keeps saying to "keep going" with it, let's see that in a CFL game)
c. Red/white ref uniform I'll make on my own.
d. Independent Timed Coach Challengers (IR) with timer (I'll be watching the league one carefully)
e. CFL Error System
f. Steve's and anybodies ideas that don't conflict with mine.

Deteled (almost):
Cut the end zones off after 15 yards (like in Edmonton and Montreal) (if it's done in Edmonton, then this rule is dead)
Expand the rosters (expanded to 42, rule is done and this pro is dead! 8) )
4 point FG in one exhibition game (has been tried in the WFL and NFLE)
Import Rule: I dropped my idea because I had another look in the rule book and now I realizes it's to protect Canada's home grow heroes, whether they are Canadian by birth or not. so it's cool.
the All Star game was always optional, I really don't care if the CFL does it or not.
Salary Cap is very strong now
"How about converting from yards to meters?" just a thought.
incompelte passes (NFLE rule, has a simular CFL rule)
stop the lclock after each play, like in the final minutes of a game.

  • Rules I wanna see in a CFL video game

Balanced sch with 2 games (home and away) with every team.
Edmonton finally miss the playoffs :mrgreen:
Montreal win the 2006 GC as reps in the Eastand win the East Division
Bombers rep the West in the GC.
Bombers beat Calgary and/or Saskatchewan in the GC.
Bombers win the GC an East team besides the Tiger-cats.
Ottawa win the GC

A CFL videogame!!!!!!!!!!!

u just read my mind and the blue bombers in the grey cup @HOME

-instant replay executed properly.
-15 000+ at huskie stadium in halifax
-increased tv ratings
-increased attendance thoughout the league
-toronto attendance average of 40 000
-CFL videogame done properly by midway.( not some crap company who embarasses the league )
-ottawa renegades sign all thier key FA's and steal some others.
-renegades draw average of, atleast, 24 000 per game
-tom wright gets a new 2 year contract
-all teams get painted endzones, and cfl logos somewhere on the field.
-league revenues go up, along with lots more sponsors.
-PAPS stadium is permanently expanded to 25 000, and there is buyers interested in a CFL team there ( using nord colours for jerseys )

Not a bad thread DG and your points are good. Oh yes, have you got your Argo season tickets, so you won't miss out on the East Final and more important 07 great Grey Cup.

no, i havent gotten my season gonna attend alot of argo and ti-cat games this year tho....and any playoffs that those teams may host.

With both the Ticats and the Argos at 40,000, meaning near capacity what kind of tickets are usually lef in the Hammer. I know last year when attending the Labour Day Classic the bench seats on the uncovered side were not bad. Other then the endzone, the stadium does not have a bad seat, bench excluded.

Riders get a new QB
Rider grey cup win
Billy_Soup VGCC win
CFL video game
Instant replay
all games put on TV (this is a must in my opinion)
just a good all around cfl season

Speaking of TV and combination Instant Replay I read how apperantly all but 1 game will be shown on TV. I also predict the TV numbers for TSN will average close to 450,000 per and CBC at 500,000. Making a new TV contract in the $20M range when probably negotiated at year end, even though it has 07 to run. Also, TW in light of the SMS will be signed to a long term contract, bringing even more mega dollars and new sponsors into the fold. Eventually bringing from HO each teams share hopefully the 3.8 cap amount.

I bet its a Renegade game that they don't televise. LAst year they got dumped on, with having 3 or 4 games untelevised. and you wonder why they don't have as many fans.

Either that or the Riders. If true, I guess its better than last year when 5 were not shown.

the tv ratings for the 07 season SHOULD be the highest the CFL has ever seen!...its good timing that the contract is up right after that key year.

with the grey cup being in the media capitol of the country, there should be new levels of media interest. and with the Argos packing them into the dome like they are now ( and even more the next 2 seasons ), the media may decide that the argos are number 2 in this city behind ONLY the maple leafs.

when toronto media is focusing on the CFL, that reflects on other parts of the country, like ottawa-which should add to more support for the 'gades.

therefore, the '07 season should have tv ratings and attendace levels higher than ever seen...and will make it that much easier for the CFL to get the BIG tv dollars on the next deal.

WHy are we talking about the 07 season. There is little thing called 2006 still to go. And I want them to do everything right this year

Are you saying how the pro Toronto No Fun League slant media will be bandwagon jumpers? It wasn't so long ago how the vast majority of these to include the Left Toronto Star were not covering and still leave a lot to be desired on a daily basis during the season. I hope you are right, but granted the shift has taken place ever so slightly here in the Center of the Universe.

we are talkin 07, because thats when the current tv deal is done

i noticed, toward the end of the 05 season, the toronto sun put the argos on the FRONT page- or had argo presence on the front page- 4 times ( win in big O, million kick, win in windy winnipeg and loss in playoffs )...because they took notice of the rising attendance and tv ratings.

if the attendance and tv ratings grow again in 06, then the media will have to continue to feature the CFL more oftern....i think the toronto media took notice of the CFL in late that they notice, they will cover it more 07, it will be covered more than any other league besides the NHL.

after the grey cup in toronto, the CFL should try to keep its media spotlight momentum by putting the '08 grey cup in another canadian media hotbed....Montreal. ( but fix that Big O ), or Calgary.

Yes the Toronto Sun was the best of the bunch. With the front page usually reserved for the Leafs, CrapJays and the No Fun League, last year most definitely was a record year for the Argos being on. Together with a better home schedule as I have heard all of the games will be either on Friday or Saturday, this can only improve. I got my season tickets renewed.

exactly...last season, the argos would have a game where they had 30 000+ at a game, then thier next game would be a thursday and would draw only 24 000...which lost thier momentum and hurt thier average attendace figures.

with games being friday and sat next year, they should have 30 000+ at everygame, and 40 000 at some games against teams like montreal, hamilton, edmonton, and BC.

I'll give you guys three guesses as to what I want for 2006, but your only gonna need one. :lol:

The other good thing and which is important in Southern Ontario is the Cats vs Argo rivalry. With the Cats being vastly improved and having one of the best QB's, I suspect like yourself from the Hammer, many more will come and because of the weekend games, the crowds as we discussed at the Crapdome may get to 45,000 during the big clash. We will see who get's the extra home game this year. It would be better for the Argos as more available seats then Hamilton which is virtually sold out.

look at torontos order from game 1 to playoff game:
30 712 ( against the Lions )
26 218
27 214 ( a monday for some reason, woulda been higher )
31 621 ( against the Als )
24 637 ( a freakin thursday )
32 274 ( against the ti-cats )
24 886 ( another thursday )
34 116 ( against the eskies )
40 085 ( against the Ticats )
45 000 ( against the Als )

so u can see thier highest draws were against the lions, als, eskies, and ticats...and thier lowest days were games played on thursdays and monday.

i agree with u completely that the labour-day rematch in toronto will draw much more than the 32 000 it drew last year, cuz cat fans will want to see thier more competetive team that game....and the extra home game should go to toronto, cuz the cats are one of the argos biggest would be wasted in hamilton, cuz they are nearly sold-out every game anyways.