CFL Fans Fight Cancer Raffle Postponed to 2007 season.

Hi Everyone:

A few months ago I suggested we organized a league wide jersey auction with fan from each CFL city organizing a raffle and donating all the proceeds to a cancer charity in your city.

I have to apologize,for this, I am not able to fullfill my organizational duties and I am postponing the league wide raffle until next season.

About a month after I sent out the invitation for CFL fans to get started organizing the perspective raffles my fiance and I found out her dad had a relapse in his cancer.

Long story short it's in-operable and untreatable because he had a stroke 5 years ago and surgury or treatment could likely kill him.

Since that time, Natalia my fiance, and myself have decided to move our wedding date from April 2007 to October 2006. Subsequently my time has been consumed making plans for the wedding, planning my school year (I'm a Special Ed teacher) and address another family situation on my side.

For those of you who have initiated the raffle, please continue and I will be happy to lend my and the CFL Fans Fight Cancer name to your efforts if it will help. Let us know the cancer charity your helping and how much you've raised.

For now, we are putting this on hold, and will start out stronge next season. I will be at Grey Cup in Winnipeg so if any of you would like to meet up and get a jump on brainstorming ideas for next season that would be great.

For now, keep up the good fight and don't let this stop the CFL fan community from "Kicking cancer through the uprights!"

My sincere apologies!
Jarrett Harris
Coordinator CFL Fans Fight Cancer

Sorry to hear that mate, but I did buy a Never Alone band with my Grey Cup ticket!

JareCanada, I wish you and your family all the best. You have my empathies.

Thanks for the understanding everyone:

I’ve revieved several P.M’s and phone calls, what a great fan community our league has.

It looks as though some cities are going to forge ahead with some cancer fighting. If you have started or would like to do a fan initiated fundraiser fro a cancer charity in your town please do. It will help those fighting cancer in your community and the image of the league and the fans of your team.

Thanks again for the kinds words, I hope the fan community embraces this and we are able to see every city doing something for fight cancer in the near future. It would make for a good rivalry too…lol

Thanks again


P.S.: Next year we’ll be flying out of the gate with this, I hope you support it now and then!

My prayers are with you and your family Jare.