CFL Fans Fight Cancer 2014 Wish!

All of the volunteers of Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre, and CFL Fans Fight Cancer would like to thank the Ticat Fan Community for supporting our efforts this year and the Hamilton Tiger Cats for working closely with us and enabling us to sell their merchandise with a portion of the profits going to Wellwood.
Everyone at Wellwood and CFLFFC wish everyone a safe and and healthy 2014 and hope for your continued support in our new home at Tim Horton's Field.
All the best in 2014 and let's keep trying to make the lives of people dealing with cancer better!
Be well and see you on 2104!
Jarrett Harris
Founder and Hamilton Coordinator of CFL Fans Fight Cancer.

:thup: :thup: Nice job Jare and dudes!! Of course you realize some in Hamilton hate the TiCats and Bob Young because their man and West Harbour and James St. N. didn't happen (all they care about in Hamilton as we know) and will never respect your efforts because they are low lifes. As we know. Absolute low lifes.

This is from Facebook...............

Let the NEW YEAR begin……

Lets ALL start the New Year with CFL Friends

Football! Who wants to talk football...? Lets talk!

I made a reservation for 20 people for 2pm under McGrath,
first floor far left corner.

20 Augusta Street
L8N 1P7

905 529 9000

All proceeds goto Wellwood Resource Centre

Great time :thup:
Thanks everyone :thup:

Happy to help, especially since it's for a good cause.

I'm sure there is going to be a new stadium scarf up for sale this year that I'm likely going to end up buying. If I can make a recommendation though for a sale item, a generic coozy that can hold both small beer/pop cans and beer bottles. I like my bottle coozy but the zipper is just an extra step that doesn't always work out.

Thanks for the suggestions Hammer.
TC so happy the fundraiser was a success. You never stop doing amazing things!
The Ticats and I have been brainstorming ideas about what commemorative items we can do to raise money for Wellwood.
Nothing has been nailed down but I'm sure we'll do our yearly scarf sale as well as a couple more fun, collectable and commemorative items.
I'll be sure to keep you posted!