CFL Fans Fight Cancer 2007

Jarrett and Freak (from Winnepig, and I are slowly getting the wheels on track for a great season of fighting Cancer from coast to coast. I know there are some exciting plans in the works already, and you guys will find out about them over the next few weeks and months.
For right now, I have two questions for you guys...

1.) Is there anyone in Regina, Edmonton or Montreal that would be interested in helping the cause? If so, PM me. If we need to do this with just the other CFL cities, we'll do exactly that. But I know there's someone out there that can help.

2.) How interested would you be in buying a shirt for 20 or 25 dollars to support the cause? Thanks to some help from BB_Blitz, we'd be able to donate pretty close to fifteen bucks for every shirt we sold. Do me a huge favour and vote in the poll above. If there's something else that you would buy instead, let me know. We are all ears.

In addition to the poll, if you have any comments or questions for us, or would like to express your interest without voting in the poll, please drop us a line at

Also, please help us spread the word. Post a link, or copy this post (with the email) and put it everywhere you can. Thanks guys.

Let's make this the most successful year yet.

CFL Fans Fight Cancer 2007


An excellent cause. You and your associates are to be commended. I'd buy a shirt or whatever it is you're selling to help the cause. It'd be great if you could get it into mainstream stores where people could see it and drop one or two in their shopping carts (Canadian Tire, Zellers, Walmart, etc. etc). If people see it, they'll buy it for a cause like this. Also, get the sports media behind it (print, radio, tv). Let people know about it.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hey Tig,
Great cause as BF said. I'm willing to help in any way I can. I'll buy a shirt or whatever you're selling and if there is any other way I can help, count me in.

Awesome idea! This should be run by the clubs and the league too! As well as the Canadian Cancer Society...

I'm sure all involved agencies would grant permission to use their logos in the shirt design if the fund raising was transparent and all monies collected went to the fight against cancer!

Heck! You'd probably move 20,000 shirts at Grey Cup alone!


Thanks to Tigger here in Hamilton, CFL Fan's Fighting Cancer is off to a great start.

The agenda is simple. To fight cancer in Hamilton through supporting our Ticats and do it better than any other fans else in the league!

The challenge; do anything (legal) to raise money to fight cancer in this great city. Donate 100% to the Hamilton Cancer charity your group chooses.

Tigger and I will be coordinating the T-Shirt fundraiser, and we welcome all the Ticat fans and fan groups to join in the fight.

Let us know you what you are doing so we can help spread the word on the CFLFC'07 website and once you've had a great event please make the donation from your fan group noting that it was part of the Hamilton CFL Fans Fighting Cancer Community Effort!

Let us know how much your effort raised and send a picture of you making the donation at the cancer charity for our websites gallery.

We are trying to start a friendly rivalry between the CFL Fan communities across the league. To see who raises the most to fight cancer in their CFL city.

At the end of the season we'll meet at Grey Cup and celebrate our hard work and community minded effort!


Some very good people involved in a very worth cause. Let me know what I can do to help in the effort gentlemen.

I would buy a shirt for sure. :thup:

Count me in as well! :thup:

What would you like to see on the CFLFFC shirt.

Something on the back only?

Something on the front only?

Somthing on the back with a little logo on the front?

Let us know.

I'm thinking CFLFFC on the front across the chest. On the back all the team logos surrounding the cfl logo in the middle with the cancer ribbon behind it.

Oh yah I am in for whatever I can do.

I knew you'd be in HatBoy, you are awesome.

By the way I still have braclet making materials if you want your students to make them to help fight cancer.

Let me know.


I just read this today and I would definitely buy a shirt or 2. I also wanted to mention that I just posted an idea about a women's night with the ticats (Ticats women's night?) and mentioned that it would make a great charity event. Read it and let me know what you think. I think it would probably fit into this perfectly. I would also gladly help out in way with this organization as I think it is a great idea! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

this sounds like a great idea.hopefully the teams will rally around this idea. how bout info. booths at the games selling the shirts and having general info. about different cancers ,prevention, treatments ,local organisations etc..maybe at one of the games we can do breast screenings. i'd surely help out there.