CFL fans choice awards - MOP

First up, the coveted MOP award.Yes I know there's one of these on already but I intend to cover all of the awards and then compare our picks to the actual ones.

owens. :thup:

pinball won it in 90 with 3300 all purpose yards.

owens so far as 2967 with 2 games to go. and he doesnt get rushing attempts.

As much as it pains me to say this, I'm with FYB, and would also have to say Owens for MOP. Any chance of adding him to your list?

The guy has over 50% more combined yardage than the next player (2980 to Murphy's 1881). And it would probably be a lot higher if he had a real QB throwing to him instead of ReaRemon. He's Toronto's second leading receiver as it is, only 60 yards behind Copeland. In my opinion, he is THE reason Toronto even made the playoffs this year. The guy provided Toronto with instant field position almost every kick or punt return. I discount Boyd, although he also had a big hand in Toronto's success, as he is not really that far ahead of the pack in rushing yards, and any lead he has is only because he carries the ball more than most (see real QB comment above).

Runners up: Calvillo second, Glenn third (only due to Hamilton's slow start this season; might have been #1 based on second half).

KG makes a very good argument for himself. He is having a career year, but it will probably be Boyd.

While it may well be Boyd, it really shouldn't be. His stats aren't really that impressive.

  • Third lowest RB in the league for TDs;
  • Only 36 yards ahead of Reid on total rushing yards, on 20 more carries;
  • Fourth among RBs for average yards per carry;
  • Highest number of fumbles among RBs (that'll happen when you carry it more, but still...).

So, is he being considered only because the rest of the Argos are horrible?

And that's the main reason why none of our guys will end up with the award. To be MOP, you have to stand out, and when a team plays like a team like Hamilton does, nobody stands out over the rest. Like when Dunigan(?) gave his game ball to the entire front seven a few weeks back. He couldn't pick out any one of them that earned it any more than the rest.

(Nice prose from Shakespeare in your signature. :slight_smile: )

I agree. I think it's totally why Markeith is being overlooked right now. He's a stand-out but two of his teammates are also in the top group for tackles and so it makes people focus less on what he has done.

Thanks, I read that article about Stevie and that was particularly meaningful to me right now. He is very well spoken. He's a quote machine.

I think its pretty safe to say the list is narrowed down to 3 players: AC, KG and HB. They have all had really good seasons but I would take AC out because he missed a few games. I really hope Glenn takes it home but I think its going to be a coin flip and this Fridays game could be the deal breaker.

If you look at the stats all 3 of those qb's are great but I'm taking Glenn on my team.

A poll like this on a site populated by fans of one team has a value of exactly NOTHING.

I'm a Ticat fan. Why would anyone expect to me to ignore Ticat players in favour of an opposing player? Of course, if I were completely nonpartisan and honest, I would consider opposing players.

Yeah, like that's going to happen!

I'm a Ti-Cat fan and I voted for Henry Burris. You can be a fan and be unbiased. Just be honest and vote for the guy you think will win. It doesn't make you any less of a fan if you vote for a player from an opposing team.

The West nomination is going to Burris. No one has been better than him in the West. The East is tougher with Glenn, Boyd and AC all having very good seasons. I think in the end, Boyd will get the nomination for the East simply because he has been the Argonauts offense. But Burris will take home the hardware.

And to the guys that said Owens, I doubt it. Mostly because he's already won the Special Teams award, and because he has to compete on his own team with Boyd. Similar to what Stevie Baggs went through last year with John Chick. Both were very deserving of winning MODP, but because they played on the same team, only one guy could get the nomination. That's what will happen with Owens and he'll win MOSTP as a consolation.

you might be right, but there were a few good players on the argos, including dunigan, when pinball won

True, but the pub has been on Boyd all year from the media. You can't go two weeks without someone in the local or national media saying how great Cory Boyd has been. Owens gets his fair share of pub, but I see the scenario where Owens gets the Special Teams award and Boyd gets the Argos MOP nomination. If anything, it's the fact that Owens is a shoe-in for Special Teams that it would hurt his MOP candidacy. And with Pinball, he was more integral to the offense than Owens is. Owens has been most deadly and explosive in the return game, and he is very likely going to be rewarded for that. I'd be very, very surprised if Owens isn't named MOSTP this year.

Blogskee......You are absolutely correct. I can be a Ticat fan and vote for a player other than a Ticat. And I would!

My comment was meant to point out that not many Ticat fans would agree with that stance. Look at the results as of now.

Glenn has 9 votes. Calvillo has 0 votes. Now, how can anyone is his right mind justify that result? To any nonbiased viewer, Calvillo is still superior to Glenn. I'm not disparaging Glenn at all. But, 9 to 0?

It is obvious that some are simply voting for the Ticat. I think my point is evident, that a poll including a preponderance of Ticat fans has no value in the grand scheme of things.

By the way, Calvillo now has one vote. After submitting the above, I went in and voted for Anthony.

Calvillo is a HOF player and certainly his career numbers put him ahead of everyone in the polls. This year however he is nowhere near those lofty numbers and isn't even one of the top QB's in the league. I won't count him out to have a strong finish and he's the one I'd want down the stretch but at this point he's not the guy. I voted for Arland Bruce in spite of my intense dislike of the man

Wow. I doubt you could find very many people who agree with you on that one.

Hey there are only 8 teams. Top of the league is top 25% or top 2. Sorry but Calvillo isn't top 2 this season. Career yes, he's far better than Burris and Glenn and Durant can ever hope to be but just not this season

AKT, I take your point. It is valid. However, Calvillo's team still holds first place in the standings. He must have been doing something right. Let's just agree to disagree on this.

no problem.

I agree with Wilf.

I just voted, for Anthony Calvillo.

I just looked at the CFL passing stats for 2010. You can see them on this site, at the Stats tab.

AC has completed 350 of 518 attempts, for a 67.6% average... #1 in the league among regular starters. He's fourth in total yardage, and as has been noted, missed some games. His 29 TD passes ties him for third with Kevin Glenn, despite having missed those games. His overall rating is 107, best in the league by a significant margin, with Jyles of Winnipeg in second place; at 100.9 he is the only other regular starter having a rating of 100 or better.

Not only is AC a certain entrant into the HOF when the time comes, by the statistical comparisons available, I believe he is the top QB in the league so far in 2010.

As for non-statistical components of evaluation, I don't think there's another QB in the CFL today who exhibits the leadership skills AC does so consistently, has as great a command of the game, or has earned as high a level of respect among his peers and opponents.

You're probably right that he won't win MOP, for the reasons you mention. But I still stand by my vote for Owens (a "write in" ballot).

And I really don't think Boyd should get the MOP, again for the reasons stated earlier. While he does seem to have the ability to spring one once in awhile, and look really impressive doing it, his numbers aren't really that impressive compared to the rest of the RBs in the league.

Just goes to show, "An ounce of image is worth a pound of performance." Or is it just because he plays for Toronto that he's getting all the attention?