CFL fans can all rest easier.

Well, there will be no embarrassment this year that we did our own thing and had it flop.. If it flops, the NFL will be right there flopping with us ... yard-line/

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Did the FL rip us off again, or was this idea in the works already, and the CFL just beat them to the punch?

What the CFL is doing this year with converts is almost identical to what the NFL experimented with in the preseason games last year. So in a sense the CFL is sort of copying that this season.

For part of the preseason last year the NFL attempted PAT's scrimmaged from the 15 (so including the 7 to 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage plus ten yards of the end zone with the goal posts at the back of the end zone - the attempts were 32 - 33 yards long). If a team wanted to go for two the ball was scrimmaged at the two yard line.

NFL kickers only missed 8 or 141 attempts at the longer distance.

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