CFL fans and Can.boycott and don`t support the NFL TO Game

Do you want to lose 95 years and tradition and the only thing left that is still ours and truely Canadians the CFL aND the Grey Cup.

        If you don`t to not support the NFL Biulls game in Toronto period which will force the NFL out of our country who are only here to destroy our own brand of football and the CFL and the Grey Cup.

         Do you want to be loyal Canadians or fooled converted Americans and other money pit for the NFL and give up what is ours.

Oh for crying out loud…

Someone needs to give wspidel a hug.

Here's the way it's going to work; In my hand, I'm holding ten straws...

your parents didn't love you when you were younger wspidel. did your mom leave you at the amusement park?

Another way of looking at this is the NFL is ours in a way, all football, if it weren't for McGill showing Harvard the way real football is to be played back in 1874, well, soccer might be the main football in the US today. :wink:

WAtch the hysteria in the Taranna/national sportscasts on TSN and Sportset, and the coverage in the Taranna rags concerning the NFL commissioners speech today.

Its already started. Stephen Brunt and DAve Naylor have in the past two days declared the CFL dead and buried.

The NFL is coming. We may as well submt. They don't tell us how the NFL is going to kill off the CFL. But its gonna happen.
Adn they can't wait.
I just don't get it.

Once again, much ado about nothing.. the NFL games are going to happen in December AFTER the CFL season is finished. Yes, three pre-season games, but I really dont see a big interruption to the CFL there. Seems to me this is a experimental thing, and the Bills are not a very good team right now. So then Toronto will have four boring teams to watch- Jays, Raptors, Leafs and Bills. The tickets will be expensive to boot, so if you really want to watch the Bills in Toronto, go take a second mortgage on your house and have a good time watching the Bills bumbling around Skydome...oh sorry, Rogers Center.

I enjoy reading Stephen Brunt's articles, I find that the tone of his articles are much more, academic if you will, than most any sports writer out there. He has a nice mix of facts and opinion without getting derogatory to the CFL.

This article is well written I think. The last 2 paragraphs are dead on:

"In the meantime, for the first time in Super Bowl history, the NFL commissioner's agenda will include acknowledging Canada as one of his league's new markets without mincing words.

Anyone who thinks that's the last we'll hear of it during the Goodell era, that the story begins and ends right here, might want to go back and do the math."

Globe & Mail, Feb. 1, 2008

[url=] ... columnists[/url]

The way these guys kiss up to the Americans and put our sports down all the time is an embarassment.
Brunt is one of the worst offenders.
I mean he still sheds a tear over the MOnteal Expos, but would probably dance on the CFL's grave.
We have to get rid of these Hogtown dinosaurs who pretend that they speak for the whole country.

If 8 games played in toronto kill the cfl as you think it will then maybe the CFL is weak in your eyes.

Its sad to see a CANADIAN who is shaking in his boots because an NFL game MAY be played. not even WILL be played.

You should be embarrassed that you have such little confidence in the CFL.
Your attitude is an embarrassment for 2 reason.

  1. That the CFL will fold.
  2. That you feel that because you don't want should have it.

Again I don't know why I posted this.
He never pistes in the same thread twice.

The Raptors are playing good basketball at the moment. We could be better but you can't argue with 5th place. :wink:

The game itself is meaningless. The only issue is if Rogers is willing to outbid everyone else to buy the Bills when the old guy kicks the bucket and the NFL lets him move the team. 1 or 2 games here won't change anything.

The NFL is now grasping at straws in their pretence to claim that the NFL is a world class sport. Their NFLE was a bust and was costing them $30M a year to prop up their "international" fantasy. After it went bancrupt, they then pulled the plug on their Asian expansion last year by cancelling their scheduled regular season games in China. Their excuse? They claimed they had to "concentrate" on the the London game, instead. That game was a bust also, with almost no media coverage or impact in England other than ex-pats and those curious to see the new renovations to Wembley stadium.

So all that is left of the NFL's "international plan" is some ADDT afflicted fans in Toronto, whom they hope to sell tickets to for quadruple the cost of any real NFL franchise. Even there, they had to elicit the support of the Argos and Ti-Cats to market the NFL in Canada.

While Brunt and other NFL boosters will claim the NFL close, closer than ever, because they didn't slam the door in their face like usual. "They like us, they really, really like us!"

But with the contracts already signed for the Bills to play 5 regular season games in Toronto, that will preclude any move of a NFL franchise or expansion to Toronto for the next 5 years.

American football has been a bust in Europe.
The NFL in England is already becoming passe.
Nobody outside of England cares about American football.
The NFL thinks putting a game in Toronto makes it a world league?
And nobody up here questions that?
Can you say Emperor with no clothes?

Actually nobody IN England cares about the NFL, and looking at the NFL TV ratings in Canada, very few football fans care about the NFL here either.

Example: The Seahawks game on Rogers Sportsnet this season drew a national audience of 55,000, (who do they think they are the Raptors?) far below the NFL Sunday 200,000 average...which is about half as many viewers as those who watch a CFL regular season game. CFL playoff games routinely draw between 1 and 2 million viewers, numbers the NFL could only dream of.

90,000 fans in london to see the Dolphins, doesn't sound passe, plus now a 2nd regular season game has been announced for the upcoming season, doesn't sound passe........yet

They canceled a PRE-SEASON game, not regular season, just to correct you there.

And the reason was because the Olympic Stadium was not going to be ready, a pre-season game is still going to be in China, probably in 2009.

As far as NFL Europe, there are many reasons for its failure but lack of interest is not the main one, the games had decent attendance in Germany. I personally think the failure of NFL Europe was due to a lack of will, not having guys play on the same rosters year to year, NFL teams sent scraps instead of actual developmental players, and not enough Europeans on teams.

NFL Europe would work IMO if the NFL did not use it as a developmental league and just signed guys to deals to play there (with out clauses to come to the NFL is offered) as well as investing in grass roots build up of the game in Europe, also it should concentrate exclusively on 1 country at a time. 6 teams in Germany could work IMO. And it would be good for the CFL if football gained a foothold in Europe IMO.

Not to rain on the NFL parade on their big day, but their news release did claim they were cancelling the China game to "concentrate" on the London game. Perhaps stadium unavailability was also a factor.

NFLE was losing $30 million a year towards the end, which is a lot for a six-team league. I don't know how much the tickets cost, but fan support seemed ok in Germany, about on par with the American CFL teams (excluding Baltimore which led the CFL in attendance).

While the London game soldout, there were many comments from English sports fans that the game had very little impact other than the fans at the game, and many Londoners didn't even know an NFL game was being played there. Wembley stadium had just completed a major renovation and it was speculated that many fans attended the game to check out the new stadium.

I always thought that teams should have a specific NFLE club to assign palyers to. That way you could develop at lest some loyalty. If I knew my NFL guys were all going to be Rhein Fire players, I'd at least watch that team.

If possible, I would have gone with eight teams, each representing a division.