CFL fans across the country!

I was flying back to Alberta from vactioning back home in Nova Scotia, I had my #77 AJ GASS jersey on and my Esks hat, boy did this bring up a lot of attention! I had a connecting flight in Toronto and had to wait a couple of hours so i went to the bar, as soon as i step in there is a group of people saying esks suck bla bla bla , all in good fun though, It was a great time, there were tons of Argo fans and a bunch of Bomber fans too, it was awesome to meet other cfl fans at the airport of all places! Cudos to you Argo and Bomber fans you know your football!!


Isn’t that nice. Just like a family hey ? No matter how bad we trash talk one another, and call each other names, we all love each other in the end. I’g getting all teary eyed… I have to go.

Go Esks Go: Although I wasn't one of the people you met at the airport, I appreciate your comment. It gets a lttle tiresome hearing from people not in Toronto about how little Torontonians care about the Argos. Thanks for supplying a different opinion. And I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Toronto and your vacation.

I was in Edmonton for the first time ever two summers ago on business. Of course I had to wear my Renegades T-shirt.
So 'I goes to the bar' (as George Thoroughgood sings) in the hotel that first night and thought I was going to get the Eastern crap kicked out of me, and to my surprise quite the opposite happened. People were happy to have us back in the CFL. Of course I played it safe and didn't bring up the double intereference call on Tony Gabriel in the 1981 Grey Cup game. That would have hurt .....(me).
It's like I said in an earlier post about Grey Cup Week here in Ottawa. I never met nicer people from all over than CFL fans.

Is there an icon for "emotional bottom lip quivering"?

Having said that,

Come over here Sucka and get some Capital Punishment :wink:


but I have yet to really expericence such love.

I love ya Kanga, I loved Roo, Tigger , Eeyore , Christopher Robin and all that gang too!!! But, the Bombers still SUCK!!

Riders Rule
Love and Peace

You Canadians will have to teachme about love! I am a rpoduct of the NY Islanders...NY Rangers rivalry! I do not know the word LOVE :wink:

That's a pretty crappy rivalry I'd say lol just kidding. Maybe with the pay cuts, the rangers will pick up a couple guys with some heart instead of a bunch of greedy guys. Montreal/Toronto or Edmonton/Calgary are the greatest.

Edmonton/Islanders had a great rivarly! off topic looks like Mark Messier is going to be a oiler!

Here in Edmonton we treat all cfl fans with respect.We love the game here.However try going to a bar in Saskatoon or Regina with a different jersey on is differnet story.Everyone in Saskabush thinks that if you were born there you bleed green. I'm not saying all rider fans are like that.However most of them are.
If you are a rider fan who thinks this,give your head a shake.

Dr. Spock bled green and wasn't even from Saskatchewan. Wonder if he was a 'rider fan???

Things that make you go...hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm! :mrgreen:

I think you mean MR Spock

You know, I never really thought "Live long and prosper" applied to Rider Pride. I thought of it more of a league-wide thing instead of centralized on the Prairies.