CFL FAN without a team

I got nothing here…No team noone to cheer for. I am still Angry at what has transpire over the past 24hrs. the Gades the team i cheer for and hope they can be destine for greatness is mothballed and us Ottawa Fans like myself in Halifax who was eager to see the team has been screwed out of a Pro Football team. I got no team now and Yes Mock me curse at me cause this fan is no longer a Renegades fan. I am just a CFL fan and i got nothing. To the Gliebermans and Wright Blood is on your hands and I hold all three of your Responbile for turning this team into a Sleazy Talk show. I AM JUST ABSOLUTELY upset…just angyr and upset.

Just a thought.... but if you want to cheer for a team that shows promise and then disappoints you at the end of the year like the Gades did, you can become a Saskatchewan fan...... only difference is you will to cheer the team from afar

Angry and upset? sounds like you have a weak chin! You turned your back on the gades Nov. 25 2005 when you publically claimed you were no longer a fan of the franchise, so why are you angry and upset now?

Why do you have a problem with ME ESQUIMAUX!!!

I dont have a problem with you at all you just told me you didnt like the rens anymore months ago its ok I apologise if your offended.