CFL fan reimagines all nine logos and uniforms (plus the Atlantic Schooners)

I thought some of these looked pretty sharp. New Era should think about hiring this guy. Not sure about all that plaid for Ottawa though.

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Now I want lobster.

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They look good. Not sure about the CFL shield though.

Couldn't get a clear look of the CFL shield.

I enlarged it a bit it was more of a full football unlike the one we have today with the cut off ends . Not bad .

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Yes to the Bombers . Like the wing addition . Has similar attributes but does a much better job with logo and helmet .

Yes to the Stamps . They need a relook logo brand for awhile while aligns itself with the past as it has many of the same features as the anniversary jersey this year .

The Elks is another yes . Like the hunter Green helmet with the gold antlers .

I like the colours for the Atlantic not sure about the logo .

No to Redblacks . No to Argos looks like Tennessee Titans . No to Lions . No to Roughies . No to Als .

On the fence with Cats .

The stamps looks fantastic

Bombers is a step above the current as well .

The Elks antlers looks better and prefer the heavier green for the new team name . Leave the old one's for a third jersey and double E logo .

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Still prefer the helmet logo though.

Lots of thought seems to have been put into them.
My issues
Hamilton logo has always been a favourite of mine, hard to change.
Riders, i get the watermelon heads in the stands dont need it on the jersey.
Schooners, that colour combo is hard on the eyes.

Did a great job on the stamps jersey.

Overall, these would be fun 3rd jerseys.

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Yeah the colour schemes look nice but I have serious issues with most of the logos though

I think it is great that a fan did this. He is obviously someone with professional talent. My thoughts...... BC: not bad , needs a better looking cat. Calgary: great!! Make the change right away. Best improvement. Edmonton: nice quality look. I could go with this. Sask: no, dropped the ball on this one. Stay with the current look. Winnipeg: a good start. Focus on a WW2 Bomber look for a cool retro look. Hamilton: great look. Update the logo right now. Toronto: no this one is a total flub. Sorry but the current is much better. Ottawa: No missed on this one too. I like the plaid but you need the saw blade. Montreal: anything is an improvement over their current logo. This is a step in the right direction. Schooners: No sorry but this one misses also. Didn't like the color scheme and not crazy about the lobsters. I've seen much better Schooner schemes. Overall again this was great. He definitely has talent.


never seen a schooner look like a lobster.

I like the actual elks logo but this one is awesome