CFL Fan Mock Drafts

As a fan let's see your mock draft. You can do as many rounds as you want and explain where you think teams will play their Canadian Starters


  1. CAL- Carter O'Donnell (U of Alberta)
    He is a Alberta boy who can play tackle. Look for him to give Kasitati a run for his money at RT.

  2. TOR- Tomas Jack-Kurdyla (U of Buffalo)
    He was a four year starter at RG in college and the Argo's still haven't figure out who there's is. Look for him to compete with last years #1 pick(Richards) and Simba.

  3. BC- Michael Hoecht (Brown)
    The Lions lost Menard and Luke to the Al's. Hoecht is 6'4 295lbs and runs a 4.64 40. He will look good in the middle of their Dline.

  4. EDM- Ketel Asse (Laval)
    Saxelid could start at one of the tackle positions for the Eskimos, so Asse makes the most sense here.

  5. HAM- Mason Bennett (North Dakota)
    The Ticats lost McGough in free agency and will be looking to replace him at DE. They have others drafted last year, but they don't have a high a ceiling as Bennett.

  6. OTT- Jordan Wlliams (East Carolina)
    He has the size, speed and coverage ability to play both S and SLB. Fellow Redblack Pruneau played his first two seasons at SLB, so maybe Williams can to.

  7. SASK- Mark Antoine-Dequoy (U of Montreal)
    Will provide depth at S and SLB.

  8. HAM- Cameron Lawson (Queens)
    The Ti-Cats find the heir apparent to Ted Laurent and continue to add depth at DT.

  9. TOR- Issac Adeyemi-Berglund (Southeastern Louisiana)
    The Argos will now have two Canadian DEs to rotate with Roh and Bazzie.

  10. OTT- Jack Cassar (Carlton)
    The Redblacks dip into there own backyard and take a guy who can be their future MLB.

  11. TOR- Adam Auclair (Laval)
    The Argo's lost there starting S to the Eskimos. Auclair provides depth at S, SLB and WLB.

  12. BC- Dejon Brissett (Virginia)
    The Lions could very well start three Canadians in the recieving corps like last year. Brissett provides more depth.

  13. EDM- Samuel Rossi (U of Montreal)
    Provides depth at MLB and will cut his teeth on special teams.

  14. MON- Dylan Giffen (U of Western Ontario)
    I'd be surprised if he fell this far, but the Als get a chance to add depth for their four starting Canadians along the Oline.

  15. CAL- Tyler Ternowski (Waterloo)
    The Stamps are starting both Mayala and Sindani in the recieving corps, Ternowski adds depth behind them.

  16. MON- Nicholas Dheilly (Regina)
    The Al's need to start putting pressure on the QB, Dheilly will play special teams and rotate down the road.

  17. HAM- Marc Liegghio (U of Western Ontario)
    The Ti-Cats have one kicker on there roster, Lieggho will provide competition in camp. If the kicker from UCLA didn't have a NFL shot, I think the Ti-Cats would have taken him here.

  18. WIN- Sam Acheampong (Queens)
    The Bombers would like to add depth behind Thomas and Griffiths.

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