CFL Fan Meet And Greet In Halifax, NS

Any of you planning on being in Halifax for the Touchdown Atlantic Exhibition Game between the Argo and Ticats on June 11, here’s the event you won’t want to miss out on !!! 8)

CFL Fan Meet And Greet at Peddlers Pub, Granville Square, downtown Halifax. Saturday June 11 from noon to 4pm. Sponsored by Molson, Q104FM, silent auction in support of IWK Hospital for sick children, prizes from Molson and the CFL, cheerleaders, Molson Girls… :shock: :smiley: 8)

Don’t miss it !!!

Stan in Halifax, NS

Are any of you guys planning on coming down ? Lots of guys on and are. :roll:

Heya Hfxbomberdude.

It’s pretty disappointing that nobody anwsers to your post. I hope this doesn’t mean nobody goes. Personnaly, I can’t make it (not enough time off… need my vacations to move around July 1st).

I sure hope the event is memorable enough to make all of Nova Scotia scream for a team. Maybe someone would then dare to dive into the adventure of building a stadium.

If the population clearly expresses it wants a team, then the provicial and municipal authorities will probably get involved in the project to “surf” on the popularity it might bring them. But they won’t do it until you guys look like you are starving because they might look like they have misplaced priorities.

Actually, 3rd & 10, lots of guys from Hamilton ( and Toronto are coming down for this. It’s going to be a big bash. Too bad you can’t make it. Maybe we’ll meet up at a Grey Cup sometime. 8)