CFL fan groups on Facebook

I thought it might be interesting to run searches of all the CFL teams on Facebook to see how many people have joined the fan groups.

I think it's valuable because Facebook is used predominantly by young people, and Cohon has made it clear that young people are going to play a significant role in the health of the league in years to come.

There were some pretty surprising results:

Search: "Hamilton Tiger Cats" , "Hamilton Ti-cats"
Number of fan groups: 5
Total membership: 1469

Search: "Saskatchewan Roughriders" , "Saskatchewan Riders"
Number of fan groups: 2
Total membership: 1260

Search: "Toronto Argonauts" , "Toronto Argos"
Number of fan groups: 10
Total membership: 825

Search: "Edmonton Eskimos" , "Edmonton Esks"
Number of fan groups: 2
Total membership: 357

Search: "Calgary Stampeders" , "Calgary Stamps"
Number of fan groups: 6
Total membership: 332

Search: "BC Lions"
Number of fan groups: 3
Total membership: 276

Search: "Winnipeg Blue Bombers" , "Winnipeg Bombers"
Number of fan groups: 1
Total membership: 270

Search: "Ottawa Renegades" , "Ottawa Rough Riders"
Number of fan groups: 1
Total membership: 128

Search: "Montreal Alouettes" , "Montreal Als"
Number of fan groups: 1
Total membership: 79

Toronto and Hamilton were higher than i though, since they were the ones with financial troubles recently. Winnipeg and Montreal were lower than I thought.

Given these results, it makes you wonder to what degree the success of teams like the alouettes and the bombers is built on young fans.

Unfortunately, here's some scale:

Toronto Raptors:
groups 12+, membership: 11,620+

Seems like the raptors have done an excellent job of ensuring that a fan base exists for years to come.

Ah, facebook ... stalking facilitated ... :wink:

I found a group called "Bring back the Ottawa Renegades" ... it has 128 members (maybe it's the same one you found?) and seems to be consistently growing, which is a good sign.

Things to keep in mind are that the CFL basically lost a generation of fans, one that could very well use facebook anyway, it's an english site (hence you lose Montreal fans), and that NBA and MLB teams in Toronto will also have American fans. Not to mention the Torontonians themselves :twisted:

Those are interesting stats, hopefully the commish looks through the forums and sees this

Here is a facebook group for which I am the Admin!

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Anyone who has facebook and would like to join a cfl group, here is the link;

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What in the heck is a Facebook?

Facebook is kinda like MySpace. The only difference is, its members congregate online under different groups. It's how some of the people from Virginia Tech got their updates about the tragic massacre that occurred there recently.

I see, one thing though, what the heck is MySpace.

MySpace is an incredibly stupid site where people go and post all their personal information for the entire world to see. From what I've seen and heard it's full of underage kids and perverted 40+ year old prowlers looking for such kids.

Honestly the entire concept behind the site is so stupid in my eyes that it amazes me that they have thousands upon thousands of users.

Myspace can also be used to keep up with friends who they don't get to see too much of anymore, as can facebook.

Heres my facebook group:

Build a stadium in Halifax, Nova Scotia (over 500 people)

Build a stadium in Halifax, Nova Scotia (50 signatures, but its only 2 days old)

Anyone try that CFL fan application on facebook?

Ya, I have it. I don’t use it for the trivia or anything, I just like to see the Rider logo on there.

It also shows how many people have added their top teams, here is what it shows today:

Saskatchewan Roughriders (6,544 people)
Toronto Argonauts (3,093 people)
British Columbia Lions (3,057 people)
Winnipeg Blue Bombers (3,020 people)
Edmonton Eskimos (2,520 people)
Calgary Stampeders (1,883 people)
Montreal Alouettes (1,503 people)
Hamilton Tiger-Cats (1,405 people)
Argos (3 people)

I know of a few more Rider ones... Im a couple others lol

I always thought Facebook was for people with no friends....

Im in a roughrider group with 10,750 members. I admittedly rarely use facebook, but it's handy to keep in touch with old friends who have moved away or catch up with people you went to highschool or worked with.

I use it, but generally to keep updated with family and friends who live farther away. Not much into joining groups, though, including the Rider one.

If its the right situation, I could become part of a group... :wink:

here are all the bomber groups i am a part of.

this one has great stats on stegall

there is even more just groups about the fans if you go to the group link and search "blue bombers"