CFL Fan Engagement Idea

CFL team season ticket holders should be able to use their team's app (eg. Argos app) to select starting offensive and defensive line ups for each game (start of each half) on the morning of each game. These fans should at least be season ticket holders for 5 or more consecutive seasons. Coaches would use these rosters (except for injury or special circumstances) to start at least the first offensive and defensive play of each half. Sort of adopt the baseball All-Star voting format but for each game and for each team morning on game day using app technology that young folks in particular really could engage with.

Short of mandating community ownership of each team like the Green Bay Packers, perhaps the adoption of technology to give fans some direct input and stake (other than buying tickets and merchandise). I still would leave trades and contracts etc. up to management and coaches, of course.

There's actually a neat league called the Fan Controlled Football league that does this taken to the extreme:

I've been curious about how it does; if it's handled well in terms of splicing in fan decisions and showing their outcome on a broadcast, it could be really neat. Or just a gimmick.

Oh yes. That's the league Johnny Manziel is going to be headlining...right...forgot about that....It will be neat to see what happens.

As far as I know, your qualifications to be a GM and/or HC does not increase with the number of years you have been a season ticket holder. Therefore I will leave these decisions to Huff and Dave D.
But hey- all the other 8 teams- knock yourselves out. I'm happy to have your fans decide your starting lineups!

A local Indoor Football team in Ohio tried the "Fan Call Plays" through a network of bars and restaurants. A game took close to 7 hours to play. I expect the same in this FCFL

Dear Huff and Double D, please call this play:


Put an image of Bo Levi Mitchell wearing a Calgary Stampeders cloth face mask in the top right hand corner of the Calgary Herald online newspaper sports section with a link to the Calgary Stampeders online store selling cloth face masks.

This 19th century public relations tactic is meant to also be a revenue generation opportunity for the Calgary Stampeders amongst its fans as well as their friends and family in Calgary and the rest of Southern Alberta.

A key to its success is that there be an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in which health officials on this planet and on others in the solar system require people to wear face masks, use hand sanitizer (hey, free branded hand sanitizer when you order!) and social distance to help protect and guard against the spread of both the initial virus and other variants until a vaccine arrives.

In football terms, Huff and Double D, such a PR-Revenue Strategy is a high percentage we know in football...execution will be the key to success.

Good luck #14, CFL fans and family (and, perhaps, the very $ future of your team), may be riding on you.

Thanks, Football in Humber Valley Village.

Hmm. I think I would be in favour of only first offensive and defensive play of each half for each team. Leave the rest of game to coach's decisions totally on field to keep the game going. Allowing fans to control EVERY single play - nope, not feasible, I have to agree with, I think his name is MrStallion or something on here.

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