CFL fan choice awards - MO DF

Alright fans.Part 3 of our fan choice awards.Please try to think as unbiased as you can!

This is the only category where I can uncategorically say it is deserved by a TiCat. I can't make that same argument for any of the others. No bias on that either.
The others, there are plenty of deserving winners, and the cat players won't win them, and fans here will say they were screwed. The Defensive player is the only one I would say that to.

I'm pretty sure I've made my view on this topic VERY CLEAR.

There are a lot of guys who have had great years, but Markeith has MORE THAN earned this award with his amazing stats and leadership.

Went with Knowlton. This was a bit of a homer pick, but I do sincerely believe he deserves it.

If it went to Cox, I'd be angry because I don't like him, but it wouldn't be a travesty.

As for the West, I thought it would be Patrick because of all the INTs, but those haven't been coming as much regularity. So I'm not sure who it will be.

That said, I think this one will end up with Cox or Knowlton. Preferably Knowlton.

A little off topic, but does anyone else think Baggs would be getting serious consideration had he started the year in Hamilton?

My thoughts exactly