CFL fan choice awards - MO CDN

Here's part 2 of the fan choice awards, most outstanding Canadian.

Stala without a doubt. Not just his stats, but his ability to convert on second down AND his leadership. Has to be him.

I agree with you because of the intangibles that he brings. However, although Stala has 3 more receptions, Fantuz leads him in total yards, average yards/catch and touchdowns. But the biggest thing going against Stala, IMO, is that Fantuz plays for the Riders, and we all know how the CFL loves to please Rider nation! I hope Dave has a strong finish and makes it tough on them though.

BEN CAHOON - no contest. He sets the all time receptions record and he will be recognized for that incredible achievement - as he rightfully should be.
Stala has had an outstanding season - he just did it in the wrong year.

You're joking right?

Yah, right ...joking.

Let's be honest. We are in the Ti-Cat forum. Are we really expecting anyone other then Dave Stala to take this poll?

It's not a "who's your favorite Ticat" poll so i'm kinda hoping every with take the unbiased road on this one :lol:

I took the unbiased route and chose Andy Fantuz. He'll win the award because he has been the most outstanding Canadian, but I believe Stala will get the East nod. Stala could take it if he has a monster final two games, but I think this is Fantuz's to lose.

And to the guy that said Ben Cahoon: are you serious? He set an all-time record, but this isn't a career achievement award. Aside from setting the reception record, he's done nothing. Even Al fans will tell you that. There is no way Cahoon gets the nod. To say so is simply ludicrous.

I took Cornish.He's been outstanding this year.

Paul McCallum - 90.7 % gotta count for something

Sorry, but it's outstanding Canadian THIS season and Cahoon is not even in the top 20 in receivers this year. If he gets that award based on all of the receptions/yards he has amassed during his career that would be a total joke. If it isn't Stala it will be Fantuz. McCallum could also be a strong contender.

Whatever you say there wee wee.
Come to think of it, why should there be a Most Outstanding Canadian Award anyway? It seems to be an admission that a separate catagory is required because Canadian players are generally not talented enough to compete directly with import players when it comes to this performance award.

cold hard fact is most of the other awards usually go to imports. It would not be cool to see only imports get all the awards. This way, we know at least one canadian will get one

Do you seriously expect Ben Cahoon to get MOCP based solely on the fact that he broke a career mark? Do you not realize how ridiculous that is? That's like saying Damon Allen should have been MOP the year he broke the passing yard mark.

However, let's look at the numbers for Canadian Receivers. I will stop when I hit Cahoon.

Receiving Yards
Fantuz: 1,194
Stala: 955
Getzlaf: 865
Jackson: 720
Bagg: 688
Cahoon: 656

Sixth in yards, behind Bagg, Jackson and Getzlaf, which are three players that no one is mentioning them as possible MOCP nominees, and Stala and Fantuz. He'll likely pass Bagg because of injury, so Cahoon will finish fifth among Canadian Receivers. Still, way behind the two 1,000 yard guys (Stala will break 1,000 barring injury).

Stala: 78
Fantuz: 75
Cahoon: 64

Third in receptions, not bad. But he is behind the two players everyone is mentioning as the two likely candidates. If he's not ahead of them, how can you say he deserves the award? Oh, right, because of one catch he had in mid-October.

Fantuz: 5
Stala: 4
Getzlaf: 4
Bauman: 3
Bagg: 3
Cote: 2
McCarty: 2
Franklin: 2
Carter (HAM): 2
Cahoon: 1

Wow! Simply, wow. Arjei Frankilin? Rob Cote? Matt Carter? He's behind them all in TD receptions.

Are you actually serious in saying that Ben Cahoon will win the Top Canadian award? The only statistical category that Cahoon is even close to the other top candidates at Receiver is receptions. But if you look at the two guys many are saying will receive the nod (no pun intended) Cahoon is behind them in every major statistical category. Ben Cahoon has no business being anywhere near a podium when the award for Most Outstanding Canadian is handed out, unless he's the one presenting the award to this year's winner.

Also these are just Receivers. This doesn't even bring into account any other players that might be eligible at other positions. At Receiver he is no better than the third option.

Also, if the best you can up with is "whatever you say" then don't bother responding. Facts are facts, and these facts show that Ben Cahoon should not win the award. To say otherwise is folly.

:lol: :lol: :lol

Why don't you try answering the question?

You seem to be wavering in your selection. From “Stala without a doubt”, you now think it could be Fantuz and McCallum will also be a strong contender.
At this rate, you may be in the Cahoon camp by weekend. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The question as to who the MOCP will be? Fantuz. He'll beat out Stala. I already made that point very clear.

Or are you talking about the question about why there even is a MOCP award? It adds to the Canadianness of it all. It has nothing to do with them not being able to compete with imports. Besides, most MOP awards go to QBs. Since there are no QBs in the CFL who are Canadian, it would make it exceedingly hard for them to win one. Fantuz might one day win the MOP, but it's rare that a Receiver will win that award. Perhaps a guy like Jon Cornish, when he takes over for Joffrey Reynolds, could be in that category as well.

Why not ask this question: why do they have a Defensive Player award. Isn't that just admitting that they aren't as good as offensive players? Of course not, but I can't recall a Defensive player ever winning MOP.

Only if one hops into a time machine and heads back to 2003.

Nope. The poll is a "fan choice award" poll. MY choice is Stala "without a doubt", but I don't get to make that decision. I want Stala to win and think he deserves it, but I can also see that those other two have a good shot at winning. No wavering at all and I will NEVER be in the "Cahoon camp".