CFL family rooting hard for JOE BURROW w/ family CFL connection

Most do not know that Joe Burrow QB of Cincinnati Bengals father JIM BURROW, played and starred in the CFL winning a Grey Cup and named CFL all star.

Joe Burrow when he was younger spent summer time in Canada with Montreal Alouettes when Don Matthews was coaching as his dad was a special guest coach for a few seasons and spent training camp other times working with other Don and assistant coaches learning Don Matthews defense.

Many in the CFL have openly stated how great of a player Jim was who played DB and what a great guy he is. He has lots of supporters from the CFL.


Good find .

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I remember Jim Burrow. A good corner back with the ALs and kick returner as well.

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Didn't know this either, great interview here with Jim Burrow. Go Bengals!


I remember Jim Burrow playing for the Als around 1980. Wore number 16? I remember him getting a finger in the eye one game and his eye all swollen shut. I think he ended up in Calgary a year or two later if I remember correctly.

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Yes, 16. Was an Alouette 1977-1980, in 1980 Calgary, and in 1981 Ottawa.