CFL extends broadcast deal with TSN/RDS to 2021

[u]CFL, TSN and RDS Extend Successful Broadcast Agreement through to 2021[/u]

[b]TORONTO (May 28, 2015) – The Canadian Football League (CFL) and Bell Media’s TSN and RDS announced today they have extended their long-term, successful partnership through to 2021.

As part of the extension, TSN and RDS continue to hold exclusive media rights to all CFL games, including pre-season, regular season, playoffs, and the iconic celebration of Canadian sports that is the Grey Cup. In addition to broadcast and digital rights, the deal features exclusive radio rights to the Grey Cup for Bell Media’s Grey Cup Radio Network.

TSN has been broadcasting CFL games since 1986 and RDS has been a CFL broadcaster since 1989. In 2008, TSN and RDS became the exclusive broadcasters of the CFL and the Grey Cup. Since that time, the networks have established new audience records for CFL broadcasts.

TSN and RDS’s current agreement with the CFL was scheduled to expire at the end of the 2018 season.[/b]

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Hmm. I wonder what the money involved is and why do this now with 3 years to run in the original agreement?

similar thoughts here TP.
The CFL could have cashed in big time after the original 2018 expiry date, especially if open to full tender/bids.

the timing and exclusivity of this deal is odd to say the least.

Complete speculation but maybe it was a league concession related to the Argo purchase by Bell.

I would love to know the money involved, they are doing this now Pat because they know darn well that s the cfl is going to be their most valuable product once their regional deals expire with the NHL .

Lots happening and going to happen with Bell and Rogers jockeying for position.

Sadly, this crossed my mind as well. :thdn:

I believe TP was referring to why the CFL would make such a deal now when other broadcasters/tenders would likely drive up the price on the open market in 2018. (and perhaps the inclusion of multiple broadcast partners as well)

we all know why TSN wants a deal in place now.

I just hope like heck they got good value , I felt the last deal they signed was too low , 42 million a year with playoffs and G.C game included was a bargain considering what the ratings were.

My worry is, BCE said, "We'll buy the Argos but we want 3 years tacked onto the end of the last deal at the current rate". The CFL may have been so desperate, they said, "Yes, please".

If that's the case, BCE got one hell of a deal... TWICE!!!

This is/was my only concern when TanenBELL bought the Argos.
Although I don't believe the league signed a low deal, it's more than fair for both sides.

Let me ask you this, if Rogers didn't grossly overpay for the NHL would you still feel the CFL tv deal is too low ?

Yes, it was too low , even before the Rogers deal . But that is just my opinion . I am dying to know what the amount is/ year for the extended 3 year period.

I still think it was too low. I thought, before the last deal, the CFL would get ~$40M/yr+. After seeing what the NHL got from Sportsnet and TSN, I really believed it was too low and should have been in the $50M - $60M/yr (minimum). I thought the next CFL deal would be in the $80M-$100M/yr in 2018.

My only hope is the CFL got a LITTLE bit more - perhaps $50M/yr for the additional 5.

I am positive that it is a good deal and the CFL Owners and Players will all benefit.

I have total confidence in the new Commissioner and I don't believe for a second that the Owners would accept a deal that does not equal much more dollars. I have a feeling that the Commissioner, along with the Owners will do the outmost,sooner than later, to improve on the agreement signed with the players last year; without bringing many changes,they could,at least, increase substantially the yearly increase agreed. Instead of the $50,000 yearly increase to max. SMS, which i found much too low, they could establish it at $150,000 or $200,000 starting no later than 2016. I am positive that many teams are pushing for that.

I am always surprised how many always tend to see the dark side/are quite negative.


But they did get $40+ million, so doesn't that mean they got what you originally thought they would get ?
BTW it's a 3 years extension not 5.

Rogers currently "pays" the Blue Jays $60 million for 162 games.
TSN is rumoured to pay the MLS $12 million for their games.
The old CFL deal was for $16 million, IMO to jump from $16 million to an average of $43 million is a very good jump and it's justified.

Rogers is currently paying the NHL $150 million for this season and $150 million again next season, so I'm not sure how much of a jump you were expecting the cfl to make.

I thought they would get ~$40M/yr before the NHL deal. After the NHL deal, I thought it was too low - as many of us did.

I realize it's a 3 year extension. My guess, they gave the CFL a small boost from 2015 to 20121 while ensuring they don't need to pay BIG until 2021. My guess, the negotiations went like this...

BCE/TSN : "We'll buy the Argos but we want the TV deal extended until 2021 at the current rate".

CFL : "We can't do that. We want you to buy the Argos but $43M/yr is too low based on the going rates".

BCE/TSN : "Okay. We'll give you a boost to $50M/yr but no more. We'll also buy the Argos and pay your upgrade costs to BMO. That's our best offer."

CFL : "Deal!!"

not sure what happened to my previous post, but bear with me if it comes up twice.

I would have to agree with previous posters, that this extension is connected to the Argo and BMO deal.
Would like to see more than 3 pre-season games televised going forward. I know a video game has been discussed to death, but it would have been nice to have a TSN sponsored game as part of the deal, "TSN's CFL2K15". Hate EA, 2K used to have the better and cheaper Football games.

Rogers owns 100% of the Jays so this is a bad comparison. I am sure there is all sorts of odd accounting going on.

I am not sure about your numbers. I know they signed a 12 year, $5.2B contract.

And look at their ratings. The CFL scores 10 times the ratings with more games. If they paid $12M/yr for MLS, they overpaid for MLS or underpaid for the CFL - or BOTH.

But again the $40+ million was fair up until the rogers deal was announced, even you thought so. rogers overpaid big time, to the point that an exec from TSN even stated after losing the league that there was no way they could competitively match and make money. While I am disappointed with the extension as I was hoping that the CFL would go back to multi-platform/networks, the CFL and TSN didn't get a discount for the deal through 2018. Actually my only issue with the current deal is that the CFL didn't even speak to or negotiate with anyone else. Staying with TSN and taking $43 million is fine, but at least see what's out there.

Yup, that was my mistake, $150 million is the bonus money that the NHL receivesover this season and next. This season is around $300 million not including the bonus.

If the extension doesn’t average $75M/yr and I doubt it does, I feel BCE/TSN got a discount because of the Argo purchase and all the costs involved with BMO. After all, it covers the next 7 years and that is a LONG time. In 2021, the CFL better get a big increase.

I am sure the numbers will get leaked eventually so hopefully, one day soon, we will all know.