CFL exploring opportunities for alignment with XFL ownership

Based on what I have seen over a few months from most of this XFL crowd, which is in reality the "Spring Football Crowd" however most of them spin it with many carryovers and leftovers from the AAF only a year before as I remind them failed before a pandemic, nope, I'm against any deal but for perhaps a joint venture to coordinate and share some overhead and marketing.

Thankfully these voices are not those at the table with the CFL now, but if they are representative of the general XFL fan, nope I sure don't want to hear more from them unless they are newcomers and true fans of the CFL as well and know the vast difference beyond the game on the field as well.

I do not get these personal insults who are the other side of the XFL/CFL consolidation. What is the point? There is none.

The discussion between the leagues is about a consolidation not merger because a merger means that one entity absorbs the other and retains their name. As Dave Naylor has said this is not a merger, we know the new league will not be called XFL or CFL.

Naylor has given the chance of this happening at roughly 50-75%. He has also said the proposal is about full inter-league play using hybrid rules.

No parallel leagues. No smart schedule. No our champion meets your champion. No just exchanging of marketing ideas, players, or whatever as well as other theories that makes almost no dent into the bottom line.

With a new combined league, there is going to be the issue of ownership and a players association. My guess is that there will be individual owners in the US, and that all players except the quarterback will be paid the same base salary and a bonus for wins.

In my opinion, about the only thing the XFL brings is their theoretical clout to obtain a US tv contract. Without that ability, there is nothing worth talking about. In addition to a media rights fee, I believe that consolidation is also dependent on single-game being significant. Along with market size and local support, maybe the gambling status of a state factors into whether there is a team there.

As far as rules goes, I would view that based on perspective of their potential audience for the proposed spring to summer league. They will be targeting people who want to watch & bet on football rather than other sports that are on during those months. That and you have to convince a network to pay for your league. So with that in mind, I would expect the hybrid rules adopted based on if you can categorized them from a US viewer standpoint as being "a good idea; maybe other leagues should adapt that" as oppose to "what the hell was that?"

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Well said - a few have obviously an agenda for an enlarged spring football league that goes well beyond the discussion as you explain, and they have made that clear and repeated themselves over and over.

I knew this was going to be the central conflict in these discussions some weeks ago here and pointed out that their core position was advocacy for entirely spring football, the rest is ancillary to them, and well there they all are with it.

Politicians and their lackeys are going to be politicians you know.

Duane Forde earlier today declined to give his opinion on what he believes will be the outcome from the CFL/XFL talks. I sense that he knows the likely results of these discussions but just does not want to make headlines saying so in public.

Forde did however say it would be asinine for the CFL to merge with the XFL and play a 4-down game because history has shown that such leagues have all failed.


Latest 'news' from Dave Naylor on CFL-XFL Talks.

Naylor details the latest news between potential CFL, XFL merger - Video - TSN

Effectively nothing that hasn't been said before. They're talking business between the 2 now, what works, what are the drawbacks etc.... If there's something there logistics gets discussed later.

Feels a 2023 start is more realistic

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I feel like even if something is agreed upon beforehand, the CFL would not announce anything until the season starts. Any partnership with the XFL, even on a small scale, will inevitably lead to at least a small loss in CFL season ticket holders. As the teams are sitting on millions of dollars of season ticket money currently, they would not want to jeopardize having to refund money they've already spent

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Why do people keep taking the crap spewed by Naylor as gospel? I don't get it.

Rotten Rod and Dave "I want a ESPN job" Naylor are now moving the posts. At first it was there will be no CFL season if the XFL doesn't lend the money to the CFL.

Then it was 2022, now they are backing down and its 2023.

These people are charlatans, click baiting fans.


Pish posh I say.

only time in my lifetime we have CFL being talked about in the offseason, at least in my market. And still there are those who complain non stop.

And if the CFL does end up disappearing (hope not) there still will be people who will continue to slag it.

And continue to praise it.
I'm at a loss actually as to why a league is so criticized for having to shut down because it is fan dominated during a pandemic.. Meanwhile NFL, MLB, NHL have all lost seasons over how the pie gets divided.

I don't think owners should be expected to just keep pouring in money last year.

While that may be true, they should not have expected any help from the government.

It's their way of running the league that led them to this point.

Good source here
I am leaning towards 3 (or 4 if it doesnt happen)

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i agree. they should not expect any more government assistance than they received.
i disagree that the owners fault. it is due to a pandemic that caused lockdowns.

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If they actually ran the CFL like a business instead of a toy they wouldn't be in the position they find themselves in would they.

As for a merger, wouldn't it make sense for the CFL to merge into the NFL instead of a two time failure (XFL).

Finally they (CFL) hit the big time.

i don't believe they treat it as a toy. they have treated it as business that needs people to attend to be successful.

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Constantly operating at a loss is not necessarily good business.

Finding other sources of revenue,aka allowing the commissioner to do his job, is key.

Allowing Mark Cohon to walk away could be the fatal blow for the CFL if they can't get a season in.

While no one could have predicted a pandemic happening, I believe Cohon would have handled the situation better than Ambrosie.

Still not sure why they let Cohon walk away.

Cohon would have looked better with the same result imo.
He is in charge of the Juno Awards show, a singular event ,and it was cancelled in 2020

Cohen would've did as badly as Ambrosie. He can't even keep the Junos relevant. Are you going to watch the Junos? I don't even know when it's on. And everybody wants Cohen back just because he looks good in a three piece suit like ambulance chasing lawyer and cold hearted banker

it's Cohon....Cohon...
I watch it. A Celebration of Canadian music. What's not to love.
Its on June 6