CFL exploring opportunities for alignment with XFL ownership

Yes most definitely. But the current CBA only runs until the end of 2021 if I’m not mistaken. They really have no reason to change the Canadian ratio for this year, imagine they are discussing this if a merger were to take place.

And if RedBird does acquire a controlling interest in the league, they may just terminate all player contracts at the end of 2021. No guarantee that a player’s union, at least in its current form, would continue.

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Justin Dunk said that during the CBA negotiations before the 2019 season, there were rumors that Randy Ambrosie was in favor of eliminating the ratio. He could not confirm this which is why it was never reported at the time. Dunk brought this up because partnering with the XFL could have an effect on the ratio.

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You have to wonder if some of these reports get ‘test leaked’ to certain reporters, so the league can gauge the fan and player reaction. If they receive huge backlash then they can backtrack and say those were just unconfirmed rumours. Prepare people for the worst, then back off. “ Hey, we really only want to reduce the ratio from 7 to 5 players, yada yada.”


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Maybe we can send Dave Naylor, Rod Pedersen, and Justin Dunk an anonymous email as an inside CFL source - claim that Randy Ambrosie has been contacted by aliens from the constellation Pleiades, who run their own football league and would like to join any potential merger between CFL and CFL.

Then they could truly become an inter- galactic football league. Let’s see the NFL top this.

Only drawback is on some of those planets, they have to play 18 downs because of the immense gravitational pull. Not to mention travel times and jet lag for interplanetary games. You think playing in Vancouver at 11 pm start times was tough on the eastern teams? Lots of details to work out but I’m told it’s a strong possibility.



And Elon Musk and Xenu Cruise will be buying teams.


Arash Madani thinks the CFL's goal with these XFL talks is to reduce both the players salaries and the ratio.

CEO of The Spring League Brian Woods said while he has heard that the two sides are in serious talks, he is not one of those who thinks a CFL/XFL merger is a winning formula. He can see where the partnership is about player contracts but sees too many logistical issues if they merge.

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Really funny reading Madani's little rant today

Back in October he was busy trashing the league (as always) on a meeting when the league was apparently presenting 'the same business plan'

CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie threatens to fine teams, staff members if further information leaks | 3DownNation

“Ambrosie presented to the governors on what his plan is for the future and, from what I’ve been told, that business plan is effectively very similar to the one that was presented 18 months ago. This look to the future for if the league comes back is essentially a tweaked business plan,” Madani said on The Rod Pedersen Show.

“There is very little in it that addressed COVID, very little on the social justice issues, very little on the XFL, which just made their announcement and the entire long-term strategy is tied to international growth. What I was also told is there isn’t much of a plan right now if there isn’t butts in seats.”

So after he frames the XFL as an apparent threat, now that the league is exploring a partnership (or merge), all of the sudden it's a 'hail mary' of a plan and lists the endless failed spring leagues......leagues that he would called threats before they folded.

His opinion means nothing....rant on

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Naylor's column today to trot out more of the 4-Down narrative is just that as are usually his columns on the 3 Down site.

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Based on what I read on another thread, perhaps those three might not have to go intergalactic for a scoop but rather merely to the Yukon to encounter what apparently are mosquitoes the size of vultures or eagles.

Dave Naylor does not work for 3downnation. 3down was just recapping a preview of an audio interview done for an XFL site that will be released on Saturday. Nothing that was in the preview is new as Naylor has mentioned all that in his previous interviews.

In my opinion, the CFL can only be involved with the XFL for 2 reasons. Either to increase revenue or to cut costs. The only way to generate more revenue for the CFL (and to get the XFL to play at all) is through a US tv deal. Neither side is willing fund losses of $100 million a year for multiple seasons.

So, whatever needs to be done to secure a deal with a US network is what is most important to them. Changing whatever rules no matter how sacred it might be is a non-issue. Perhaps the combo league can utilize gambling and reality tv as a supplemental revenue stream. Still though, that US tv contract is a top priority if a partnership happens.

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I did not say he worked for them, but they sure do roll all his columns.

Anyway, either you read a different article or read the article I read totally differently.

And I could give a rat's behind about the propaganda on the XFL site at that, so you can go on trying to defend him as you did there but I'm not having that either given his reputation there Okie.

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Wanna bet? Okay, if it's a non-issue there Mr. Assumptive, let's just go to three downs. Yeah, I thought so.

If they could get a network to pay big money using 5 or 6 down rules, they would change it in a heartbeat.

You can stop right there before going on, which is their and our reality now.

American networks were not willing to pay the XFL any rights fees anytime soon. That is why Vince McMahon bailed on the league. So what the XFL is trying to do is find a way to be a sustainable business, otherwise they are not even going to attempt playing. They obviously believe the CFL is beneficial in someway towards achieving that goal of obtaining a US tv contract.

I was thinking maybe a sister city concept like the MLB Tampa-Montreal proposal would save some costs and reduce the need for a larger tv contract right away. Play in the US in the spring/summer and finish in Canada in summer/fall. But that idea has challenges of its own.

Well yes I'm with you here and as stated by many and me in more than this thread, it's the media contract plus the gate that must be achieved first and fast or the rest of all the changes to come won't need discussion.

The media will have a say in the product as well in this situation unlike hardly with the NFL. And I certainly hope it's more than one media voice too or else you end up with an ESPN or TSN hogging the product and narrative and tarnishing the brand too.

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Love how Naylor, Lalji, Pedersen are now turning on the CFL believing that the XFL will be the saviour.

I guess they still will have jobs covering a second rate league.


Love how people think a examining why and how to get the league out of the red is faces vs heels. Anyway, Naylor and Lalji are already at the top of the reporters' foodchain and will still be there regardless of what happens with the XFL/CFL talks.