CFL Expansion

I think it would be an overall excellent choice to expand.

It's a no brainer. The CFL definately should expand, even if it means picking 1 or 2 teams up from south of the border. I am just sooo tired of the same old teams. Don't get me wrong, I love the CFL and can't wait for the games to begin but it's time to grow the league. The CFL game is the best football bar none!

Name me an owner with lots of money ready to invest.

Tell me the name of the CFL Size Stadium in place in the city ready to go.

I expect silence.....

Well I agree that expanding anywhere inside Canada is not a realistic possibility, there is just not a CFL Size Stadium anywhere to be found outside of the existing 8 cities right now. Thats why south of the border is the only near term solution to adding new teams (besides Ottawa and thats far, far from a guarantee that we will even see them back any time soon).

If you check the other 4305 expansion posts, you will see US Expansion is not fair to Canadian teams. US labour laws put the Canadian Teams at a disadvantage.

Secretly,I think the maritimes are probably the next reasonable expansion area. If some one could convince the McCain familly to cough up a few million dollars for a team and stadium.......

Yes I do read the other expansion posts and am aware of the arguments...but thanks for trying to help me out.
Perhaps that "might" be true and maybe not. Other than Baltimore last time around the rest of the U.S. teams didn't seem like they were anything too special to me. Besides if the new SMS is firmly enforced then any U.S. team still faces the same challenges as the Canadian teams do. Like spending bigger chunks of $ on a few above average, impact players and filling the rest of the roster out with much cheaper talent.
Anyways, don't mistake me for being 100% pro U.S. expansion, I just want a few more teams. My first choice is Canadian cities but thats not happening anytime soon.

I think the CFL could be successful in the Maritimes. I think the fans and business would support it. I live 1 hour from Halifax so my hope is that Halifax will one day land a team but to be honest I don't hear too much of anything these days about anyone interested in making it happen. So I won't hold my breath.

I think if you guys had got the Pan-am games,( or was it Commonwealth????) the Stadium issue would have been solved. A new one would have been built. Finding an owner with a CFL Stadium already in place would have been a whole lot easier. Trying to find both means shelling out a ton of money.

Halifax or Moncton would be good sites for a team. The trouble is, of course, that no-one is stepping up to the plate and making it happen.

You do have to wonder, however. There seems to be pretty intense effort made to put yet another franchise in Ottawa, despite that city's perennial indifference to CFL ball. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty much at a 3-strikes-you're-out level as far as Ottawa goes.

I say we get David Brayley on the job ... he did an awesome job fixing BC Lions financial issues in the mid-90's and he's the guy who got Bob Young involved with Hamilton.

Not only does he find good owners, he is one himself, and he knows what kind of person is needed to run a team. He is community minded and loves the game. That's the kind of person Atlantic Canada needs if they are going to get pro sports going in the region.

US expansion is Right Out. Never Again.

Somebody build a stadium jeeez!!!

I think Qu├ębec is a better choice than Halifax, it's much bigger population, and ULaval football is pretty popular. But either would be killer.

Another thread on expansion? Gawd! Can't we pick a new topic to poll? Something original, like a CFL video game?