CFL Expansion?

What's the latest on expansion? What happened to the exhibition games in Halifax? Ottawa Renegades?

One shoe has dropped....

Expand to Happy Valley Goose Bay!!! :smiley:

how about Las Vegas?

maybe brandon lol. saskatoon will never have a team unless the riders move there. the entire province makes the riders the team they are no need to mess that all up. and to me ottawa shouldn;t be given life again until a nother team starts they had a second chance and owners killed it. they should definately not be a priority to bring back.

Give this thread ten years and we’ll be talking about The Estevan Emu’s as a possibility.


April fools isn't for another2 weeks! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Victoria :roll:
St. Johns :roll:
Windsor :roll:
Saskatoon :roll:

What about the Dog River River Dogs? :stuck_out_tongue:

My buddies and I go to the Grey Cup every year. It's an AWESOME time. However, we've never been out east because the East coast doesn't have a team. I would love for Halifax to get a team.

I think there's a market there. The populatation isn't huge, however, the sports and entertainment market isn't watered down like it is in Toronto (I'm an Argos fan and I can admit this).

I think Halifax could support a CFL franchise over a city such as Ottawa. Ottawa had their chance.....they failed.

Edit: Inappropriate comment...

I have used up all my comedy routines on this topic.

Maybe we could have a couple of teams in afganistan???

Bet the soldiers would support them better than most of the rest of canada does.

Dude, that crossed a line. If you can, I'd think about nuking that post....

i honestly think Montreal could support two teams before most Canadian cities can support one. part of the reason is the small stadium compared to the large city. Get a Quebec City or Halifax team settled, and then you can bring Ottawa back.

Mississauga MISE-------- Expansion sounds good but were are the player's.?. IMHO Canadian expansion would require some grace period for the new team to be Competitive, Perhaps play with more Canadians, Increase imports each of its first three years, ?

we could make a deal with england, we join their football league if they join ours.

I will second that Artie. I believe a comment like that is very unacceptable.


I didn't actually catch that at first. Looks like another bad joke from CFLgame. Surprise, surprise...

Clean up aisle 6!