CFL Expansion

I just wanted to know if anyone else out in CFL land, can answer this question, or has taken a look at thinking outside the box when it comes to expansion, other than the USA?
I know the drive to find ownership in Ottawa is a big push, but why ruin league credibility, by trying to go back into a market that has failed several times, when there are other markets just salivating for a professional team, such as Halifax (Maritime market). You don't see the NFL going back into LA anytime soon. I know there are some questions that would need to be answered such as travel costs, a proper stadium, ownership, but why not put the effort into a market that would be a strong market to help the credibility of the CFL. And to really think outside the box, why not look at the BC, Okanagan Valley that is growing rapidly. Within the Valley is close to 1 million people within a 1.5 hour drive of Kelowna, the largest city. From Kamloops to Osyoos. You can't tell me they would welcome a CFL professional team. again various questions would have to be asked, and it is outside the norm, but travel is definitely not a problem, nor is potential ownership, and the only other competitor would be the Junior hockey team.

Just some thoughts.

why not a European division? canadian football is allready an international game

Go easy on OP, he appears to be new.

Thats his legit excuse. me, I am just too lazy to find and post link to any of the hundred other threads on this topic, but I am sure someone else will. Just be gentle, huh :smiley: 8)

re-And to really think outside the box, why not look at the BC, Okanagan Valley ----- Great idea

bspyder, check the hundreds of other posts.

But in summary here's why expansion wont work.

(1) Population to support it
(2) Rich Owner with Deep pockets
(3) No Stadiums.

Regina is way to small to support a CFL team.
They don't have a rich owner.
Yet they are one of the greatest CFL teams.

There are lots of places for the CFL to expand, someone just needs some ambition and will to git-r-done.

Again I have to revisit the opposite side of this issue ---- contraction.
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, or something like that. Ottawa was a great start but how about some of the other dead wood around the league? What was the golden age of the NHL ----the Original Six Era!
I think its high time politicians or entrepreneurs come in and trim the fat, maximize efficiency and really streamline this operation.

There are now 675 threads that have the word expansion in the thread. Did we really need this one???

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Maybe he wanted to expand the discussion!

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We should send him to a certain poster and have the Action point explained to him. That will keep him away from expansion topics! :twisted: :twisted:

For each expansion thread, there are about a dozen conniptions on here. I think it will be great when 8 out of 12 teams make the playoffs and they're seeded for some interdivsion matchups.

If Ottawa comes back and we have a 9 team league again, should we scrap the divisions and just have a 1v6, 2v5, 3v4 format playoff so we don't have unbalanced divisions?

And if we got another eastern team go back to East vs West?

Expansion --many threads about it, --So it is a topic of great interest. The bog has set up a committee to study the mater and make sure that WHEN it happens it will be done with prudent diligence. Mr Bob Young is a sh-rude Business man and if anyone can pull it off he can.- IMHO nfl europe laid the foundation that the CFL could exploit. considering that the CFL is played on the same size fields as rugby and soccer, a european division could be a success - that's my opinion. and I'm glad we have a forum were we are free to express our opinions--- great thread bspyder5

Expansion, great idea in theory. Yes bsp, outside the norm for places as you mention. But then, the CFL is outside the norm so absolutely, it just might work.

Why do people always inflate the number of people in the OK region???? No way do you get close to a million within 1.5 hrs of Kelowna. Just look at the following 2006 census figures for the Census Divisions in the area (which includes many areas that are significantly further away than 1.5 hours). These figures are all from the StatsCanada site and have been rounded up.

OK Similkameen 80,000
Thompson Nicola 124,000
Kelowna 170,000
Kootenay Boundary 30,000
North OK 80,000
Columbia Shuswap 51,000

For a total of 535,000 and realistically the amount of these that are within 1.5hr is closer to 400,000.

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