CFL Expansion... Why not teams in other Canadian Cities?

Well if it really means that much to you!


expansion to other canadia cities. What a stroke of genius. Its a wonder no one ever thought of it before. wow

What would make more sense is to use the same thread and not have 4 of them on the same page.

Besides, is there really anything new to add? How many times can it be said that the next team should be Quebec
NO! Halifax!
No! London
No! Victoria!
Milwaukie(couldn’t leave that one out)

Can anyone explain why franchises can't be established in Halifax, Quebec City, St. John's, Victoria, Charlottetown and others...
cuz they have no stadium, no owners, and probably not enough fans.

It doesnt mean anything to me.
It always amazes me how many people use the phrase "they write it off" without knowing what it means...(Im not saying you dont, although you havent shown me you do :wink: )

Well RO , how do you explain a billionair who buys a team that loses money?
And if his team does lose money, what do you call it?

Victoria doesn’t need a stadium. The 14K seater we have is way more then we could ever hope to draw

I do agree, there is no need for new expansion threads that add absolutely nothing. If it's some press release, or an actual idea that hasn't been thought of ok. but this isn't one of them.

Your also correct in that QBC should be next, however Wrong in saying the CFL should expand by 1 team.

The CFL should be looking to add 2. Although it will likely be QBC and OTT in 2009 and/or 2010(Both will be added by 2010)

However Moncton or Halifax build a stadium by 2011 and they could receive a team, either expansion or possibly an Ottawa Failure. Would be nice Leverage against some say Ottawa if people go: "well you don't have any place else to go" say if a new stadium was needed, or the team gets mad for some reason they they lose over 16% of their ticket revenue to taxes.

I do think the CFL would actually look alot better With Halifax and Quebec and NOT Ottawa.

Rivalries are better.. Because who is Ottawa's Rival if their Around? BC?
If it's Halifax or Moncton then it's East vs. West, Atlantic vs. Pacific.
Coastal town vs. Coastal town. IT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE!!! lol.

Battle of Alberta
Battle of the Coasts
Battle of the Prairies
Battle of Ontario/Lake Ontario
Battle of the St.Laurant

Ottawa is a freak loner! lol.

That's my small lil rant. :smiley:

Tell you what!
Tell me exactly what tax write off is and how it benifits the person and I will tell you if you are correct ot not.

There is a rumour circulating around that the CFL is going to work with the NHL and that Gary Betman will become an advisor on CFL expansion. He is expected to recommend that the CFL does not expand in Canada and it should first consider US cities for future expansion.

I do think the CFL would actually look alot better With Halifax and Quebec and NOT Ottawa.

Rivalries are better.. Because who is Ottawa's Rival if their Around? BC?
Ottawa is a freak loner! lol.

Rivalries are usually with geographic neighbors. Ottawa is actually closer to Montreal than Quebec City. Whether QC is in or not, Ottawa's biggest rival should be Montreal.

Halifax/B.C. makes no sense as a rivalry -- they wouldn't even be in the same division. You need to add Victoria for a natural rival for B.C. :lol: (I know you all love that idea.)

What also fuels rivalries is competition, especially if two teams are competing for a division title on a regular basis. If QC and Ottawa were both added, and QC is routinely at the bottom of the standings for a few seasons while Ottawa and Montreal are in the mix for the division title and often meet in the playoffs, then Montreal-Ottawa rivalry would be stronger than the Montreal-QC rivalry.


I think it was a joke.

Actually most owners do buy sports teams as an investment and not just as a hobby. Typically the value of a franchise goes up over time thus if and when sold they will gain a tidy little profit. Not speaking CFL specific here, but that is why you have owners who hold onto teams even if the team its self is not particuarly profitable, because the VALUE of the team increases over time, like property, and so their net worth improves via the team.

Dont answer my question with a question RO.
Get to the point and answer me first.

But since you asked straight of wikipedia once again.

In income tax calculation, a write-off is the itemized deduction of an item's value from one's taxable income. Thus if a person has a taxable income of $50,000 per year, a $100 telephone for business use would lower the taxable income to $49,900. If that person is in a 25% tax bracket, the tax due would be lowered from $12,500 to $12,475. Thus the net cost of the telephone is $75 instead of $100.

The phrase "writing off" is sometimes used in a way that suggests the item will be free. The value of the item is only deducted from taxable income, not from the tax itself. The term is also loosely used to refer to an item which is intended for personal use but which will be deducted ("written off") as a business expense. Some individuals attempt to amass large numbers of "write-offs" in order to reach a lower tax bracket and increase the effective size of the deductions.

Yes VideoPgh you have a point with some of the magor league sports francises but they are a small number in comparision to the many minor pro leagues.
Good point though VideoPgh.

You are correct there, I was kind of more refering to CFL, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL*. To some extent high-level minor leagues teams such as AAA baseball maybe too.

But if you own an ECHL team or some Short-Season A baseball team it tends to be more a labor of love then a money maker, also you tend to attract more "iffy" owners and management at lower levels who maybe bite off more then they can chewl. But a lot of this is also is why you tend to get groups of people owning minor league teams and not single entities as with most "major-league" teams.

*Yes I put these in alphabetical order to be all diplomatic like lol

Anyone can copy and paste the answer…It does show that you(anyone) understand(s) it

I asume youi meant this question!

No one buys a losing enterprise because they want it to continue to lose money. If a billionaire buys it it is because he thinks he can turn a profit!

Do you think he buys it for the tax write off?
If you do, it shows you dont understand the concept

Then in say the NHL, why don't the Leafs have a bigger Rivalry with Buffalo?
Buffalo is Closer then Ottawa and has been around longer. but the Rivalry is Sens vs. Leafs much more so then Leafs vs. Sabres.
There is one don't get me wrong, but there are other factors then just distance.

QBC doesn't get a team then?
Victoria isn't even in the top 3 for possible new CFL cities, Cohon said it's Moncton, QBC and Halifax who he has had talks with, and even after them London or Windsor are more likely then Victoria.

Victoria ranks.. maybe 6th of the top 5 non-CFL cities(not counting Ottawa) for possible expansion.

Why are the Green Priders bigger Rivals with Edmonton then Calgary?
They are closer to Calgary(like 20 KM) not much, but still.

Now having cross country rivals is odd, but it's the only thing that works(Halifax/BC) otherwise the league will be setup with 6 teams in 1 division and 4 in the other OR Winnipeg and Sask are again in different Divisions and that needs to stop.
BC is used to be left out on Labour day, so atleast they would have some sort of minor Rivalry.

As for Ottawa vs. Montreal, it's not as Natural as Quebec City vs. Montreal.

It's just a natural Rivalry and would be perfect as it could be held in the Big Owe, 55K crazy Quebecers, filling up the big Owe.

lol, no room for Ottawa in a 10 team CFL. it's pretty funny actually.