CFL Expansion... Why not teams in other Canadian Cities?


Can anyone explain why franchises can't be established in Halifax, Quebec City, St. John's, Victoria, Charlottetown and others...

Surely, there are enough talented players even the exiled criminals coming from the NFL... to stock these new teams and although Ottawa doesn't want to field a franchise... others would and from a civic standpoint would have strong support.

Natural rivalries could also be developed and the TV ratings coming into new markets would be enhanced throughout the country.

When a city has one team that is professional overtime they dominate the local sports landscape.

Canadian pride would soar while the game would be increasing its exposure with the community as well.

Just my opinion.

There are no stadiums that is the problem.

There should be a whole new forum section for expansion. We could ignore all these identical topics.

There should be a whole new forum section for expansion. We could ignore all these identical topics
haha i agree. how many of these are there?
There are no stadiums that is the problem.
anyway, yeah that is true. The new commisioner is also very straight forward in that we have 8 very stable franchises, and it would take alot of money to build a staduim in either Halifax or Quebec City.

Those cities need 30K+ seat stadiums and owners with money to lose for several years until the team turns a profit.

By the way, David Black in Victoria is a HUGE potential target for CFL ownership in that city. He is about to become one the countries biggest media barons :wink:

What size, and why do the stadiums have to be so big? All the games I watch seem to have empty seats, so why is there such a large 30k? seat minimum, couldn't a team get away with playing in a 20k stadium, and if they do well and want to expand do so?

I think 30K is a good number to start at, with the ability to expand beyond that if there is a demand.

Check the attendance figures from the last few seasons, 30k is a median number.

This topic has been covered before. Money and feasibility determine the number of teams. If the CFL could expand to more cities, it would have already done so. Ottawa has a bigger population than those other cities but still couldn't afford a team. Perhaps, there are too many teams. The USA has roughly ten times the population of Canada, but there are under 80 teams.

How many games have you watched?

Most teams get close to 30K people a game. Edmonton usually gets over 40. Montreal fills their stadium regularly and is expanding it. Winnipeg is about to build a new stadium. You might see empty seats in Toronto or Edmonton or Vancouver because those stadiums seat well over 50K.

20K is a bit on the small side, but even still I would guess it would cost $50M+ to build even one of that size if it is done properly with luxury boxes an decent seating. You can't just slap up some bleachers and expect people to pay money for that in the numbers needed for the team to prosper.

Ottawa has a stadium but it's very old and they badly need a modern one. They apparently have trouble finding a stable ownership there and can't seem to manage to put together a community-owned team.

There definitely are NOT too many teams. The CFL really needs at least two more, and those are likely going to happen within the next ten years (i'm betting).

I agree. We definitely don’t have too many teams. Two more would be perfect. Get one back in Ottawa and maybe another out in Atlantic Canada since they aren’t represented yet.

But I don’t think we should look to expand too much. If we expand like the NFL then we’ll just water down the talent, and we’ll have garbage teams like the Lions or Texans.

One of the great things about the CFL is how it’s so competitive. We only had 2 teams under .500, and one was 7-11. That’s not bad. It’s a lot better than having half a dozen teams at 4-12 or under.

Well it's been a while since we had an expansion thread....guess since its football season it's time to start them again

The Average CFL game in 2006 had 29K+ people per.

That includes that Montreal has a smaller sized stadium which is being expanded, the reason Montreal survives is due to their high end tickets behing over 110$ per game(early renewal season tickets)

The MINIMUM! stadium size required for an expansion team is 25K.

Quebec City looks to be upgraded PEPS stadium to that. next that is needed will be Atlantic canada.

The CFL does not want a 9th and 10th franchise which depend on the other 8 to bail them out. If there are any expansion teams they must be indepent and have long term viability thus why a 30K+ seater top of the line stadium is required.



Why is somebody bring up expansion again?!?!

Because a new poster just joined the forum and is expressing their opinion?

The CFL is a business. To expand is to risk financial failure which has happened before. To justify expansion, there must be plenty of money from investors (fools), stadiums available and enough ticket buyers. Expansion is a luxury and not a necessity.

Don’t read an expansion thread if you don’t want to read about expansion, don’t post in the thread how stupid expansion threads are. Try ignoring them (that means not reading or posting in them)

Because that makes too much sense, why would anyone who dislikes expansion do something simple like not read threads that are label'd with the term expansion in the title? lol.

Investors are not fools, when they lose money they can write it off as a tax write off.
Some big companies have and hold onto departments that are losing money for that sole purpose.
David Asper is a example of that. He owns magor companies and has no problem at all taking a lose from owning the Blue Bombers. Excellent tax write off if I dont say so myself.
Now if a team does make money then thats even better.

Do you even know what a tax write off is?

No one will invest in a money losing buisness so that they can "write it off"

Yes I know what a tax write off is.
My point was that most football team owners buy a team not as a investment but as a hobby.
Asper is a perfect example of that.
But since teams DO lose money, it is a tax write off for them.

Finally something usefull from wikipedia

The phrase "writing off" is sometimes used in a way that suggests the item will be free. [b]The value of the item is only deducted from taxable income, not from the tax itself.[/b]