CFL Expansion to Ten Teams

I am curious about another topic and that is CFL expansion to a ten team league. I remember years ago, probably in the 1970's, there was talk of expansion to the Maritime Provinces with a tenth team ( I'm assuming that team would have been placed in Halifax, but I'm not sure), but that never happened. Wouldn't the CFL be a better league with ten teams because with only nine teams, one team has a bye every week. Even if you had ten teams, you could give two teams a bye one week and two others another week. Going down to the final three weeks of the season, this would mean most likely everyone would be playing every weekend and create even more excitement for teams trying to get into the playoffs, and for the fans too.
If the CFL did add another team, where could that new team be placed? Would Quebec City be a good possibility, or is there another place where this would be a better alternative? From what I can tell by being in these forums, the Saskatchewan Roughriders would not be in Regina today if they were entering the league now, because the population of the city is not large enough to support a team in the leagues eyes. We have the same situation in the States with the Green Bay Packers because Green Bay, Wisconsin is only about 100,000 people, and if the Packers weren't a founding member of the NFL in 1920 or so, there would be no team in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
So, do you think expansion to ten teams is a strong possibliity in the CFL in the near future, and where do you think that tenth team will be located?

a tenth team is being considered by the CFL...but the problem is there is no CFL-sized stadium ( 25-40 000 ) in any of the cities that would qualify for a new team.

Halifax, NS. seems to be the first choice of the league, since it would make the league coast-to-coast and provide a labour-day rival to BC ( who currently has no labour-day rival )....Halifax has a population of 400 000 and 700 000 withing 1.5 hour radius. CFL did a pre-season game there this year ( argos vs ti-cats ) and it sold-out 11 000 in 1 day.

Quebec city is the second choice. it would provide a rival with montreal, unfortunatly that would leave Ottawa without a rival and BC would STILL not have a rival...the league would STILL NOT be coast-to-coast. CFL did pre-season game there a few years ago and it did NOT sell out, only sold 10 000 of 18 000 tickets. QC has a population of 670 000.

Moncton, NB. is the third choice. they have a population of ONLY 60 000 but say there are 1 000 000 within a 3 hour driving radius. they figure all the maritime provinces can drive to moncton easier than halifax.....problem is, can't be sure people would drive 3+ hours if the team is losing??? again, not coast-to-coast league if moncton gets a team.

London ONT. is the 4th choice. did a preseason game a few years back. did sell-out but not FAST. sold-out DAYS before the game. 9 000 at that game. ( if they sold 9 000 within days before the game, imagine tryin to sell 25 000 + )
london would give ontario a 4th team ( too many for a 10 team league -good for 12 teams, tho ). still not coast-to-coast and no natural rivals. population of 400 000.

AGAIN, there IS interest in adding a 10th team to ONE of these cities, but there are NO stadiums there.

my vote goes to Halifax for a tenth team and Quebec-city for 11th ( 7-10 years after )

they should do another pre-season game in halifax next year and reconfigure the stadium to hold 15-20 000 ( instead of 11 000 ). see if they still sell-out within days...?

That’s Because The Guys Running These Leagues Are Dorks That Know Nothing About The Sport Only About How To Make A Quick Buck. Green Bay And Saskatchewan Are The Most Loyal Fans In The League. The Best Example Of How The Cities Population Dosen’t Reflect Good Choice Of Venues Is The Entire South East And South Centeral Divisions Of The NHL. Instead Of Having A Team In Quebec City The League Dicided To Go With Atlanta To Increase Intrest In That Area And Now That Team Is Lucky If It Could Draw Half The Attendance Of Winnipeg, Hartford Or Quebec. Having A Team In A Small City Such As Regina Is That The City And Surrounding Area Is Entirely Devoted To Their Team. Then You Look At Ottawa That Has 9 Times The Population. Even Though Ottawa Is Doing Better In The Standings The Team Is Bringing In 8 000 Less Per Game.

actually ottawa isn't doing better than the riders. ottawa is 5-7, riders 6-6.

What about a return to the U.S.? Maybe a team in a northern market where there is no NFL team. Places like Idaho or Wyoming maybe even Washington state?

No, leave the CFL in Canada

I am not totally against looking carefully at a possibility of some US expansion, but only in the northern most market. USAspike do you think in a boarder town like Syracuse, with a history of big NCAA, could work? Would Maine or North Dakota? At one time super billionarie Paul Allen in Portland wanted a team and there was an Xibition game in the 90's between the Argos and Stamps(Doug Flutie). In addition, any one of these possibilities would only be allowed with strict conditions. Minimum 30,000 stadium with guaranteed 20,000 season tickets sold for 3 years. And of course, posting a large lets say $5M bond together with expansion fees of $10M.

i dont want american expansion. halifax, quebec-city and thunderbay/london should all have a team were lookin at 15+ years from now.

WEST: BC, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, ThunderBay

EAST: Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec-city, Halifax

12 team coast-to-coast league.

DG I do agree how the CFL should be Canadian, but I am afraid how future expansion in Canada will be pathetically slow. I also would like at least a 12 team Canadian expansion like your post, but we have been talking about this for ages with no end/actual expansion in sight. The only possible good thing about northern US, with maybe adding two teams is the ready made stadiums and cash, like my previous post.

D-G's Got The Right Idea, Keep It In The Family. The Problem With The Whole US Expansion Is Because Of That Country's Stupid Labour Laws Is That It Really Screws With The Import Ratio. It Apeers That The League Is Looking At A Halifax Expansion Next. I Say Sure Go To Halifax, But Set Up The League So That A Few Years Later It Can Accept Two Additional Expansion Teams, Quebec City And A 5th Wertern Team (London, Thunder Bay, Victoria, Or Kamloops) Having A 12 Team League Is Where It Should Stop And I Think Tom Wright Is The Man To Get Us There. The Problem With The Expansions Of The Past (The Disastor That Has Become The 1990s) Is They've Been Way To Fast And No Long Term Goals Were Really Set Up. Tom Wright Is More Of A Dependable, Conservative Comish. And He'll Get The Job Done Should We Ever Be Luck Enough To Expand To 12.

Bamboo you are right about the labour laws which last time out made it no Canadians on the US based teams. If we could guarantee expansion within 3-5 years to Halifax, QC and one western team to balance to 12 teams, I am all for it. Unfortunately, the speed or lack of same, looks like this will not come to pass within our lifetime. Therefore, by default looking to two maybe US northern based teams, may be viable for big expansion dollars of $10M+ per and perhaps even more for US regional TV deal.

even if they just add Halifax Huskies in the next 4 years....thats still a 10 team coast-to-coast league.....

thats good enough to hold me over for a few more years til they add Quebec-city Cobra's and Thunderbay

As much as I want a truly coast to coast league, I would give Halifax or Moncton a time limit to put up or shut up. If nothing with the time limit set by TW, then lets do the same with QC, who in the long run maybe a better alternative with the built in rivalry similar to the Habs vs Nords. Plus, QC has the Paps stadium in Laval that at least can be increased to 25,000-30,000. What if nothing happens with these possibilities, what then? US expansion.

moncton isnt coast-to-coast

What if Moncton is preparted to build a stadium and wants a team more then Halifax, who seem to have a left leaning city council against sport and building infastructure. We all love the CFL, with this latest unbeleivable growth and popularity not seen before, I think the time is now to take advantage while we are at an all time high. Tell me about Thunder Bay, this city does not appear to be on the radar screen. Is it not too small with the population around 150,000. What about facilities.

it has 250 000 in the thunderbay county....they should be the LAST team of the potential 3 expansion sites to get one.....that gives them time to grow.

if halifax's government isnt ready to commit to the building of a stadium, then the CFL should move to Quebec-city first, and go to halifax at a later time......dont move to moncton and screw it all up.

as ive said before: montcon doesnt have the population to support the team on thier own...they are banking on the other provinces population to make a 3 hour trek to moncton.....what if the team sucks and the people dont wanna drive 3 hours....then that franchise is screwed....

Our friends out west seem to know better and especially from Sask., why not look into putting a team in Saskatoon. Isnt it bigger then Regina and far enough away, this despite the relatively few who still drive to Regina. If the province is so rabid about its CFL love, maybe just maybe it can support two teams?

if u put a team in saskatoon, then the roughriders AND saskatoons teams will BOTH die....

your splitting a fan base in half, so neither team is getting its full capasity.

With A Mear 22 000 Turning Out On Friday Night It's Proof That Saskatchewan Can't Support Two Teams. I'd Say That The 6th Western Team Has To Either Come From BC Or Ontario. It Can Be Either Province But More Importantly Is The City Size That Plans To Support A Team.

4 Kitchener 387,319. Has A Stadium Capacity Of Around 10,000 (In Need Of Upgrades), Short Drive From London.
5 London 337,318. Stadium Capacity Of Around 17,000, Short Drive From Hamilton, Dundas, Kitchener.
6 St. Catharines 299,935.
7 Windsor 263,204. Next To Detroit.
12 Sudbury 103,879. Driving Distance From North Bay
13 Thunder Bay 103,215. Has A Stadium.

2 Victoria 288,346. Close To US Boarder, Driving Distance From Duncan.
3 Abbotsford 129,475
4 Kelowna 108,330 Short Drive To Penticton, & Vernon.
5 Nanaimo 77,845
6 Kamloops 67,952, Driving Distance From Salmon Arm.

All Numbers Are Est. 2001

Bamboo thanks for the stats. Living in Southern Ontario all my life and although somewhat better of late, I am afraid the market may be saturated. Despite the impressive population numbers in Kitchener & London, I am not so sure it would work. We remember London a couple of years back how it could not have filled their new TD Waterhouse for the Xibition tilt between two arch rivals, Ham vs Tor. Plus, we are still dealing big time with the Centre of the Universe mentality here about Toronto(including the greater GTA) being a wannabee US state and "demanding" NFL status. My guess would be you would have a better chance with Saskatoon over the above. Kelowna seems to be attreactive with the sorrounding area. Is it big enough, what about stadium possibility? Certainly the Lions need a nearby rivalry.