CFL expansion to sudbury in 2007...???

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when the heck did this happen???....i thought the plan was Halifax then Quebec-city and London...

when did u guys know about this?

oh...late april fools joke...hahahahaha

That's a joke, the hole thing abou wifes gives that away.

That and the fact that they spelled the commish's name wrong. I'll buy a beer for anyone fool enough to admit they actually fell for that. . . :smiley: (Legitimate fools only, please. . .)

Sudbury? maybe in 50 years, not in the next few years, that's for sure.


This is like that one article that came out a couple years ago about Michael Vick being gay. Had crap in it like "I enjoy contact with men on the field, and off the field as well." This story is B.S.

Well if Sudbury is going to get the next franchise we have to give them a name, here it goes, about the Sudbury SaturdayNighters, Sudbury Nicklers...or the Sudbury RoughRiders..just to name a few...

“The CFL has never seen the likes of me,� said Everphule. “I am loud and proud. Just because we will be a northern franchise, we will not be pushed around by the big market owners or anyone else in this league. For example, if a referee makes a bad call that hurts my team, I will charge the field and punch him out.�
HAHAH! God, that'd be great..

"Despite it’s small size, we expect Sudbury to draw fans from all over Northern Ontario, which boasts a population of about 800,000 people."

Reminds me of everyone saying we should put a team in the interior BC ... or even Montcon, albeit to a lesser extent.

Boozers or Bingo Monsters ... Nice :wink:

I'm assuming the mining/lumber industries in Northern Ontario are pretty strong? (If not, it would just add to the joke ... )

btw, it bugs me when people call that "Northern Ontario" ... Sudbury's probably a good 5 degrees south of Calgary!!! Hudson's Bay coastline (not James Bay :wink:) - now THAT'S northern Ontario.

But seriously though, when will there be a CFL expansion team? Nine teams in the league seems kinda odd. There's got to be at least 10 teams to make the divisions even. How about a team in Windsor? or Halifax? or Quebec?
who's next?

Seriously, there should be a moratorium on ALL expansoin talk here on the forum.

It's tired, it's not funny, and it's getting BOOOOOOOOOORING!

We've heard about expansion to Halifax, Moncton, Quebec City, Yellowknife, the B.C. interior, London, Windsor, and now Sudbury.

Keep in mind that the CFL has NEVER expanded to a Canadian city since the BC Lions joined the league in 1954 - that's 51 years, folks!

So put a lid on it, please....let's talk about football, not pipe dreams.

I still get a kick out of peaple comming on this forum and telling peaple that a certain topic is boooooooring, or has been beat to death. If you think it's been over done, no need to reply..just move on. The cfl is growing, new fans will visit this forum and talk about old news..or what ever they choose to discuss on any topic they choose...

That'/s right, if you don't want to read a topic, don't click on it, don't read it, don't reply ot it. It's quite simple.

OK first anf foremost if that article isnt 100% BS then I dont knwo what is. The Greater City Of Sudbury has maybe about 165 000 people in about a 150 km radius. That 800 000 people is counting places that take over 2 hours to drive to. Secondly the Sudbury Wolves are sudburys big thing (OHL team for those of you who dont know that.) The only arena in Sudbury seats about 5500 people. (not nearly enough plus its a hockey rink) The only decent football field in Sudbury is Queens Athletics field. Where we used to play High School football games until they kicked us off of it because we were tearing up the grass to much and the soccer players and management were complaining. I mean this is not going to happen not in 2007 anyways. They need a stadium. They need more people. Just everythign will go wrong with this unless that guy (if hes actually real) is willing to like give every last cent he makes towards it. To build a stadium and pay the players and get fans. I mean a lot of people in that area of Ontario are big time NHL and/or NFL fans. I lived there for 16 years and im moving back up there in a few weeks. As great of a city as Sudbury is. They wont be getting a CFL team any time soon.

. . .that's why it was an April Fool's Joke. . .

Well im aware of that im still just making those points so people who dont realize that its not goign to happen. And dont know anythign behind it will know that its not going to happen. There are some pretty odd people out there who will believe anything they read in news paper.

Grandgalop said something about no expansion teams for over 50 years. Weren't the Renegades an expansion team just 4 years ago?