CFL Expansion to 10 Teams

I know the topic of expansion has been discussed endlessly, but I'd like to know what is most likely to happen and where would be the most likely places the CFL would expand to and grow to ten teams. The first and most obvious problem is a stadium, and since Ottawa already has one, they would be the first choice I would think. However, with the folding of two teams in Ottawa in the past, and I realize the ownership was not great in either case, how would that impact the decision of whether Ottawa gets another expansion team?
I've also heard Halifax mentioned, along with Quebec City, and would either city be better or further along on a stadium or have a solid team in place to earn an expansion franchise? What would the pros or cons be for either location, and why would you choose one over the other.
Finally, I've heard London, Ontario, and I know nothing about their plans or would they even be a viable option for expansion. Would there be any other locations that could possibly be considered for the next CFL expansion.
One thing I think we can all agree on is that expanding to ten teams would be better than just having nine teams in the league, but it must be done properly and result in solid expansion franchises and not some with shaky ownership that fold in a few years.
I really like to hear some of your comments on my questions.

I am in favor or expanding don't get me wrong. But I think we also need to look at the fact that per capita the CFL is very healthy. What needs to happen, is more support at the college level. Though someone can build a stadium and supply a team, long term success comes from building within. I hope that Cohen is thinking about how to expand at the grassroots level, far more than how to expand artificially by just adding geographical teams.

Yup, CFL is fine for now unless something comes along, a too good to be true situation, that the CFL can't turn down. Like say QC or Halifax going ahead with a new stadium with a great owner. But don't concentrate on that for now. Agree Bowtie the grassroots level is a much better focus at this time.


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Actually, USA spike makes some level headed comments so I'll answer him back.

Several factors hold back expansion. The two biggest obstacles are Owners willing to invest and large enough Stadiums. Ottawa is probably the leading candidate for expansion as they have a CFL size Stadium. Its been two season and they are still searching for an owner to get things going. Canada just doesn't have the Millionairs WILLING to invest in the CFL. Halifax and Quebec City are probably the next two choices. Again Stadium size are issues and finding owners.

Anyone that trys to tell you that Saskatoon, Victoria, Kelowna, Red Deer, Brandon are CFL sites has been playing in front of the Madden Football Video Game too long while smoking too much BC Bud. They are dreaming and it will NEVER HAPPEN !

Expansion to the USA puts the Canadian teams at a disadvantage. Until the US Labour laws change, (Which I don't see them doing)Again, more dreaming! American expansion will NEVER HAPPEN!

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Agreed! So far they are now including the Vanier Cup int he Grey Cup activities but now they need to go one step further. Possibly help getting college football on TV. Then the cities that will eventually be added will have solid interest. The CFL has to do more to promote the up coming Canadian players into the CFL ranks. This will generate more interest. The CFL should not expand until the league is ready financially. And when they do find an owner or ownership group that will stick it out for the long haul as it may take time to generate results.

Do you not get your local games on TV? Seems to me that most of the Rams games were on TV here in Regina.

I think Sportsmen is bang on with his comments. The only additional factor I would add is the talent pool.......there may not be enough good Canadian players to fully stock ten teams, unless the league were to reduce the ratio.

To infinity and beyond, Buzz rules.

They have the owners, but now the stadium (and its surrounding area) is an issue.

The player ratio could be reduced, but the bottom line is the league has basically maxed out every revenue stream in its current configuration.

Expansion will be a way to increase revenues in every category.
As well as to increase the brand coast to coast.

Canada isn't just 8 cities anymore like it was in the 60's.
Theres bigger and better cites out there without a pro team of any kind.

Its time to be aggressive and tap these markets. Places like London and Quebec City are better football towns then some in the league already. It will increase the leagues fan base and revenues.

HOw some see this as a bad thing, I don't know?

TheScore shows Canadian college games nationally. There is not too much network (CTV, CBC, Global) interest in showing college ball. It is strictly the domain of the sports specialty channels at this point, the same would hold true for CIS hockey and CHL games.

As for CFL expansion, I believe that still a few years away yet. The CFL needs to be on a very sound financial footing before expanding, just in case going back to Ottawa does not work for a 3rd time. In some cities, building stadiums would be a costly venture, local politicians would have to justify the expense-- not all the voters are football fans, and you wold have to convince those people that building a stadium would be a wise decision economically.

....Smaller Canadian cities will not support the CFL ...that is a're right might as well rejuvenate Kangas' idea and start looking at expanding to Alaska....I don't see any new franchise entering the league until they find some decent owners in Ottawa....There maybe a chance for Quebec City but it seems there is little or no interest from the locals...Halifax might be a long-shot as well .. someone with deep-pockets has to step-up...sooooooo unless people with 'big bucks' decide to get involved...i agree with sport...expansion is a long way off...lets start walking before we run and get Ottawa back on solid ground ...I say its great to dream about what the league would and should look like in the future...however being a realist... i just can't see sporty getting a corvette from donations anytime soon and expansion follows those same lines...As far as any more ventures into the excited states.... :thdn: 'bin dere did dat'...

All i gotta say bout this last post by papa. Why would we waste the time in Alaska?

good luck with your corvette. I agree there are no cities in the western provinces that currently can host a CFL team. However I have an idea to make it to a 12 team league with 6 in the west and 6 in the east. The east would consist of Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and Atlantic Canada. The West would include BC, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and either London or Windsor. It would fill the 6th final gap, and both cities are west of any eastern cities. The east division's furthest west team is Hamilton. London is 126 km's southwest of Hamilton, and Windsor is 304 km's southwest. I think it could be done. Or someone could just build a 35, 000 seat dome in Anchorage Alaska, lol.

....that was Kangas' great dream....not mine...i really don't think it has any merit at this time???? :lol: :lol:

As I believe I posted in some other thread...

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