CFL Expansion to 10+ teams (within Canada)

To be honest, Baltimore papered the park after opening night. I had season tickets and when I would walk to the park from my car, several scalpers would always approach me offering $10 tickets, sometimes $5. The Stallions were printing up tickets for unsold seats and giving them to scalpers to sell. Better to have somebody in the seats buying beer than not.

After our AHL team left town, someone wanted to bring an ECHL team to town. Because the arena management knew he would paper the place, they turned him down. They said the arena could make more money leaving the 40 dates open for one or two concerts than having a hockey team.


Unfortunately I watched it and my advice is don’t bother.

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Does that also apply to the time prior to your abduction by aliens? :wink:

I was never abducted by Aliens. They usual take white males like Travis Walton, Whitley Strieber, etc. They never abduct Native people for some reason. LOL!

Speaking of aliens and Native people . . . have you ever read this book?:

Three old Ojibwe friends, Teddy, Tarzan, and Cheemo (meaning “big shit”) have spent so much time together that they are able to communicate without speaking. The trio are drinking beer at Otter Lake Reserve, when a spacecraft with mysterious dimensions and blinking lights descends from the sky. An ambiguously shaped extraterrestrial emerges from the ship. Its body temperature runs hot, it leaves a trail of slime as it moves, and it smells of methane, presumably because of a methane-heavy atmosphere on its home planet. The alien identifies itself as a member of the Kaaw Wiyaa and asks to communicate with the trio's leader. Knowing nobody in a higher position of power, the trio introduce the Kaaw Wiyaa to the Chief of the Otter Lake First Nation. Using diplomatic tactics he learned from his experience at an Assembly of First Nations, Chief Angus attempts to negotiate with the aliens. The situation reminds him of the Beothuk and Mi’kmaq experiences during the first contact with Europeans hundreds of years before.

To begin negotiations, the Kaaw Wiyaa offer to build monuments reminiscent of ancient world wonders, suggesting that structures such as the pyramids or Stonehenge had also been constructed by aliens. Instead, the Chief wishes the aliens could clean the reserve's drinking water but, assuming they could not navigate the governmental restrictions, settles on relieving the reservation of the trio by sending them to the Kaaw Wiyaa's planet as diplomats. The story ends as the trio hitch a ride to the Kaaw Wiyaa's planet in the spaceship's impossibly large cabin. The aliens compliment the humans on their ability to meta-communicate, citing this neurological advancement as the reason they approached Earth. The trio begin to regret their decision, until the extraterrestrials offer them a curious drink they claim will have similar effects to beer. The trio sit back and enjoy the drink as the aliens recreate the look, sound, and smell of Old Man's Point. Finally, Cheemo utters the only line of spoken dialogue by the three men when he observes, “We should have done this years ago.”

I haven't read this one yet, but I've read another of the author's books and enjoyed it.

Cherokee people had stories of the Moon-Eyed people. Some say there were descend from Welsh or were actual ETs

Well I have watched five NFL games since this post and I have to say, it is not my style of football. Running the ball is exciting when the back breaks it, but most of the time it is a line crash for 4 yards. But what really got me was the commentator saying the trailing team would never come back and win the game THROWING THE BALL!

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Have you really watched the NFL lately? because it has become a pass happy league. The Bills QB threw 4 TD passes the other night.
I think they had 4 QBs throwing at least 40 TD passes in 2020, it’s been many years since a CFL QB has thrown anywhere near that.
Besides, your comment has nothing to do with the topic.
Just enjoy football and don’t be jealous of the other league, enjoy both


Yes, as I said, I have watched five games this season, most were 60% run 40% pass. And if you check I was elaborating on my earlier post and I was not slamming the NFL, I was stating it wasn't for me after trying it.

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Ha, just my luck. So I decided to check out run/pass average in NFL and the five games I have watched this season are all teams that have been running the ball; Chicago, SF, Chicago, Cleveland, and Greenbay. But with that said, the average among the CFL is 33 pass attempts per game which places them dead in the middle of the average pass attempts in the NFL (around 18th) and rushing attempts the CFL average is about 22 spot compared to NFL. I am going to try and find an NFL game that has passing teams playing. But note the average pass in the NFL is 6 yards, CFL is 9 and NFL rush average is 4 yards per compared to 5 CFL