CFL Expansion team names

Oh yes, its the topic that won't die. Everybody's favorite.
so let's get down to business. what do you think future CFL team names should be?

i think if Moncton gets a team they should be called the Wolves.

Halifax Anchors, or Atlantic Schooners, or Seamen or Whalers (anchor logo)

Quebec City Royals


Halifax Huskies
Ottawa Renegades
Quebec City Concords

we need the season to start sooner

Yeah, right.

Tonight the Halifax Seamen are invading the Victoria Ovaries......

When I saw Halifax Anchors I immediately thought that, for marketing purposes, they should try to get Kevin Glenn as quarterback. . . but then I realized that's Albatross not Anchor.

ottawa renegades?

i don't know about that one, never liked the name, but going back to the rough riders would be bad for the league.

how about the Ottawa 67ers

albatross would be cool.

love that word.
an albatross

Yeah the Seamen’s mascot could be a sperm whale!

Atlantic Whalers but it won't happen because it is politically incorrect these days with too many people pretending to be so damn touchy-feely but full of it mostly.

So Atlantic Schooners I vote.

Also Ottawa 69ers obviously would not work though get high approval by the core male demographic.

/Off-season too long :stuck_out_tongue:

Ottawa Centurians - Black, White and Red

Moncton Sea Wolves- Salmon and Royal Blue

Halifax Explosions - Blue and Chartreuse

Quebec Grenadiers - Red and Gold

London Invaders - Black and Silver Grey (with tinted eye shields)

Windsor/Detroit Highwaymen - Dark Chocolate Brown and Burgundy

Saskatoon Enforcers - Black and Green

Red Deer Typhoons - Light Brown and Red

Kelowna Rattlers - Silver Grey and Magenta

maybe we could get the Gliberguys to fun the 69ers

Great names ...Halifax Ballistix or Halifax Insurgents if you are going down the explosive direction.

Windsor/Detroit Enforcers better -- no implication of law.

Moncton Maritimers if not Atlantic Whalers too.

Halifax Privateers - Skull & Cross Bones - Purple, Black and White
Moncton Acadians - Gold Star - Red,White and Blue
Quebec Chevaliers - Horse Head -Red and Gold
London Tartans - Mace & Shield -Maple Tartan
Windsor/Detroit Strike - Picket Sign - Rust &Charcoal Grey
Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) Rolling Thunder -Bison Head - Brown & Black

Iqaluit igloos

ha ha ...

New Brunswick Ironclads
Ottawa Renegades / Red Coats

Atlantic (or Moncton) Express
Saskatoon Chiefs or Clippers
Quebec Citadels
Ottawa Rapids

Ottawa Jesus Christs.

Because it will be a miracle if their city council ever reaches a decision on whether or not they get a team.

I really like Citadel for QC, because it works in both languages. Rapids also works in French, but that name is already taken by some other team in Ottawa. Maybe the Ottawa Dither would be appropriate.

If Quebec City gets a team, it should be the Quebec Nordiques, no doubt about it. Same colours same logo.

As far as Iqualuit goes they should be called the Iqualuit Nanuks (polar bears). OR dare I say, the Iqualuit Ajugakangitok (almighty).

Somebody said S'toons colours should be black and green . . . No deal! S'toon's colours have to be different than green. They can have pink.

Also, I believe Six Nations should have a team right in the heart of Iroquois territory. They could be called the Iroquois Warrior Society. Colours would be Black, Red and Yellow.

. . . ahhh I love expansion talk . . . :thup:

they could put a team in toronto and call them the Toronto Fanless