CFL expansion names?

I wouldn't mind seeing the Nordiques name revisited for a QC club, but I hope they could come up with a better symbol than an igloo with a football, ala igloo with a hockey stick. Maybe something simple like a fleur de lis(spelling? sorry) who cares if the Saints already use it. For a Halifax club, having Newfoundland roots myself, and I know most Canadians and New Englanders have Maritime roots, I'm going a bit off the wall with this one but how about the Maritime Migrants, this area of the New World was of course first settled by migrants, and many a people in both the Canada and the U.S. can trace roots to there because their people migrated from there.

Halifax Explosion! :smiley:

i like that name :wink: it goes with the history of Halifax

There is a women's tackle football team in Halifax with that name already. But they spell it Xplosion. Anyway, there is a big fuss because it was a tragedy. I think its fine and so did a bunch of Halifax Explosion survivors (there was a story on this on the news), but it is still too controversial. Too many people would be offended. I dont think it would be good for tickets.

Hum, guess Halifax Hurricans are out then.

How about the Halifax Hellians? Nope guess that might upset some people.

Halifax Heavers?
Halifax Hot Dogs.

Actually I would go with a more generic name like the Maritime Marauders

I like the Vandoos. If that's too much of an anglophone pronunciation, Les Vingt-Deux?

And as for Halifax...

I like Halifax Highlanders.

For QC, I agree with those who say it should be a French name. I would think Quebec Nordiques would be popular with the locals (as long as the NHL didn't try to stop them). I also like Quebec Chevaliers which I saw suggested in another thread not too long ago.

For these two I prefer London Werewolves (which I saw in another post -- clever) and Windsor Wheels.

(Lions was a joke, right? :slight_smile: Or maybe you are among those who prefer Ottawa to come back as the Rough Riders again, and would like to continue the trend of shared nicknames. :roll:)

QC - Voyageurs? Personally I've always really liked that. Even Voltigeurs, which was a regiment in either WWI or WWII ...

I'm fine with Atlantic Schooners (has history attached) or Halifax Admirals ... something plural at least! That's one of the big reasons why I hope they don't call themselves the "explosion". Would an individual player then be an explosioner? Explosionist? No thanks. Not to mention I'm sure there's a LOT more to Halifax than a huge explosion from 90 years ago ...

Halifax '49ers

I don't like the Explosion nickname, but it could be viewed as a sign of strength and perseverence. The city was devastated by the explosion, but managed to survive and rebuild.