CFL expands Draft from 6 to 7 rounds

[b][u]CFL decides to expand its annual college draft[/u]

The CFL has expanded its annual draft from six to seven rounds.

This year’s draft will be held Monday.

Hamilton will make the first selection of the seventh round.

Winnipeg, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Montreal, BC, Calgary and Toronto will complete the order of selection.

“The talent of football in Canada is the strongest it’s ever been,? said Kevin McDonald, CFL vice-president of football operations. “And with this increase in the depth of Canadian talent, we wanted to ensure our teams had an increased opportunity to draft, train and coach Canadian players.?

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This doesn't actually help the players. many times players passes up sign as free Agents. Now teams just have rights to one more player. The best case senario for this is now you can waste a draft pick in th late rounds on a player that will prolly go to the NFL, and you hold his rights should he notake the NFL and wants to Persue A CFL career. anyone draft eligible wether drafted or not are non counters at training camp.

Should also note Ottawa will be drafting four NCAA red shirts this year as well

Agreed. Pro sports drafting was introduced to keep rookies from being free agents. It is simply a weapon against players' rights to bargain. The sooner that young players realize this and wake up and demand their rights, drafts will become obsolete and we will be rid of this archaic contraption known as the pro sports draft and the business of the game will finally take a step towards evolution.