CFL exhibition games

I was talking with some of my buddies and i came up with a theory. Why do CFL teams play their exhibition games at home, why not instead of having the Argos play in front of 3000 fan at the Rogers centre when they can play in front of 15000 fans in Kingston (queens Stadium) or in Halifax or any of the University towns with 10,000-20,000 seat stadiums? It would be great for these cities that will not get a CFL team to get a CFL game every year. What do you guys think?

I also think its time the CFL initiated a 2-game exhibition series against an NFL team. One game here in Canada, the other Stateside...Call it the Can-Am Cup. How about the Agros versus the Bills? :cowboy:

They used to do that, but lets be honest we would get killed, no CFL team can beat an NFL team especialy if we play a game with NFL rules. But the CFL has wanted to do a CFL all star game, what about a CFL All Star team vs an NFL team or NFL All Star (excluding Pro Bowlers)

I think we would win with CFL rules. The games are different enough that the NFLers would be clueless. Not to mention the shortened play clock.

Meh, exhibition games in other places is not a bad idea, but all-star-type games are pretty much always pretty boring. No player wants to risk getting injured in such a meaningless game.

Id like to see your idea fly once just to shut you guys up for good. Geez, dont we have our OWN identity man? We're coming up on 100 yrs of HISTORY!!! Look in the mirror when you get up tomorrow morning and say, "I AM CANADIAN...and thats good enough for me." If you wanna see pride in your country start watching and following Canada's national hockey program. And if you can't take pride in that or the fact that, unlike the U.S.A. right now, Canada's economy is stable and healthy, then its time to think about re-locating man.


I have no use for exibition games....I dont want to see a major injury for a meaningless game

However you do have to admit that they help to evaluate a player...

We're just not on the same page Kel. The CFL has a street cred problem and there's only one way to settle it(i.e, there is still a Canadian identity issue). Given that 75% of CFL players have played American football in the NCAA while almost none of the NFL players have played Canadian football, I would give the edge to a CFL team in both the Canadian and Amercian games. Not to mention that most of the CFLs coaches are American. And given that player size and speed is comparable if not the same, and given that teams like Miami can't even win a single game, I would say there are a fair number of NFL teams that would come away with an 0-2 record. The Colts and the Lions would make a good matchup though, as both teams have the same average height and weight and several members of the Colts organization have played or coached in the CFL...that might give the Colts an equal footing.

As far as exhibition games in non-CFL cities, go for it. They should have a game here in Ottawa next year. :cowboy:

Especially a game against NFL teams.

Two exhibition games are just enough. If they were to entertain an extra exhibition game, than maybe a third neutral site, (Montreal Vs Toronto in Halifax, Winnipeg Vs Hamilton in London Ont, BC Vs Sask in Saskatoon, Edmonton Vs Calgary in Red Deer) to PROMOTE the CFL game might work. Even then, with the extra cost of travel, could enough revenue be generated to cover expenses?

The one problem with CFL exhibition games in other cities is the lost revenue but i think if the CFL brand can be expanded it would make the CFL game so much stronger and in the end towns like Kingston or Sherbrooke would be expecting a game everyyear and start supporting the Argos or Alouettes.

I think this whole street cred goes way way beyond the CFL..

there are so many people who live in Canada who have no pride when it comes to Canadian things..

Football, TV, Actors, Music, Olympics, Govt, etc etc.

We seem to think that we must be like the Americans in order to succeed! what kind of crap talk is that?

the Citizens of Canada should love everything that Canada offers to us!

We should love the CFL

We should love Canadian TV.. and Canadian Actors, Canadian Music.. Canadian Olympic teams.. the Canadian Govt.. and so on.

Enough of this "OH, it isn't like the USA so no thank you!" bull crap!!

The problem with CFL NFL is the NFL is the best run league in the world it is a licence to print money, so as Canadians even tho the CFL is a great run league and is heading in the right direction why look down to the States and say damn they are doing even better. We do need pride in our game and every TV should be on the Grey Cup in Canada every year. :slight_smile:

So no more about the NFL what about Games in non CFL cities?

I would love to see an exhibition game here in Windsor. Maybe Argos Vs. Ti-Cats. There are alot of football fans in this area!

BTW Congrats to the Riders on their 2007 Grey Cup win! CFL Football Rules!

saying the NFL is better then the CFL is a load of crap, like one guy said CFL is coming on 100 years, It has been since the mid 70’s the NFL and the media has been preaching that the NFL is the better league, the media has been feeding this crap to us for years you read it in the papers its on sports on TV all the time, if you hear it enough you end up beleiving it after awhile. I remember when the CFL was the superior league in the eyes of the sports media. I watch both leagues and don’t believe it one bit, the Canadian game and rules are far superior. I bet if the American media preached how great the NHL was then there would be a hell of alot more hockey fans in the world, they barely even cover it in their sports highlites.


Why? Canadian TV is crap, as are Canadian movies. The only decent Canadian TV show was the Beachcombers, and that's been gone for a long time. Canadian actors? Sure, the ones that play in TV & movies that aren't done by CBC/Global/CTV etc. Canadian Music...BTO, April Wine, Guess Who, Nickleback...that's about it. Olympics? Who gives a crap about the Olympics. Boring as hell. Gov't, well, whoever loves the gov't (regardless of party in power) needs their head examined.

Canadian music blows American stuff out of the water as far as I'm concerned. Some great music here and alot of the American stuff is crap these days - rap/hip hop/pop (look at the stuff that Britney & Lindsay put out. Music??).

A few examples of our fine talent: Matthew Good (new cd - Hospital Music), Arcade Fire, David Usher, Holly McNarland, City & Color (Dallas Green), Blue Rodeo, Barenaked Ladies, Tragically Hip, etc., etc.

Why should we love the CFL? Because it is a product of our country and we should support/promote it as such. Not exclusively...I'm not saying we should ONLY love the CFL. But it definitely is something to take pride in.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but, personally, I'm happy that Canadian talent is what it is. We're a little more "low key" than our American counterparts, but is that really such a bad thing?

Back on topic...I find the exhibition games a bit of a waste of time myself. I never go to them (why, when they cost the same as a regular season game?), although I do listen to them on the radio.

I could live without them but also think it's not a bad idea for them to be in places that wouldn't normally get a game.

The Lions could play in Kelowna or somewhere like that so the people there would have an opportunity to see them in action. Not a bad idea.

I agree with you completely. The question is, what do we do about it? It's like exorcsing our demons or something. This is just one idea, but a good one. :cowboy:

Again, I would suggest an exhibition game between Toronto and Montreal here in Ottawa next season. :cowboy: