CFL Executive Meetings in Las Vegas

As a CFL fan and customer, but also a Canadian tax payer, I have to say it irks me when I hear these meeting are held in an American city, fun as Las Vegas might be.

Why not alternate among CFL cities and get the league some added publicity? And if they want to be out of the spotlight, then why not a Banff or Niagara Falls? This is the Canadian Football League afterall.

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We say this same thing every year.

Not sure how being a tax payer fits in with this, though?

Totally agree. This seems rediculous.

Well, the game was deemed to be a significant enough part of the Canadian culture and heritage that the 100th recieve a bunch of cash...they promote "this is our game" and all things Canadian...seems like enough right there

Just that I would like tourism dollars and taxes spent in Canada

Since about half the players come from the States, I would say that having a meeting there like this helps expose the CFL to more Americans including media and trickles on down to players that might not have heard anything or much about the league. So from that aspect, it is a good idea, excellent actually, to hold some meetings in the States IMHO. In the end this can help make the international content in the CFL that much better.

I don't believe for a second that this would even show up as a blip on the US news or anything. Perhaps if it was in a smaller city...not Vegas

You may be right on that but you never know who is where and talking with whom down in the States if some CFL execs are there. :?

Your being silly Earl. There is absolutely no valid business reason to hold meetings in Sin City. ZERO.

CFL does get exposure to American players with most teams holding 4 or 5 tryout camps at US campuses. And there are the mini-camps some teams hold in the US that bring awareness and publicity.

With the weak CDN dollar CFL teams are going to need all the help they can get in recruiting International players in the future.

Are you suggesting being holed up in a 5000 room gambling resort accomplishes that ?

No, I`m saying the the CFL does get some exposure with the tryouts and mini-camps. No need to go to Las Vegas.

Unless the new commissioner has a thing for Celine Dion or Barry Manilow.

To be fair, Lasd Vegas WAS a CFL city once upon a time

Yeah I don't really see the big need to go to Vegas for their meetings. It's not like the NHL meetings that have a large media crew (like now). Especially with the low dollar might as well have them here.

BTW, are there current CFL meetings taking place as of now?

Edit: Yes I found out there are

Or a bunch of old dudes with pockets full of Viagra pulling out of their limos at "The Ranch" :wink:

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#CFL gm meetings start tomorrow in Vegas. How to improve game, officiating and rules on agenda.

The Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo UFC title fight is this weekend, in Vegas. The bookies are having a field day with action on that fight, and it's gotten a lot of buzz with all the build up. Nobody will notice the CFL meetings are there.

But really, lets be honest here. If you had the option to have your annual meeting in Vegas instead of Toronto, would you not take it? I'd be on that plane in a heartbeat. :rockin:

Keep your eyes pealed for any CFL wigs In the background should you be watching the fight

Plenty of pictures leaking from their meetings already.