CFL exec/coach wants Banks in the NFL

curious as to who this anonymous CFL exec/coach is...

[u]THE INSIDERS[/u] [b]Kirk Penton, The SUN

CFL coaches and execs give their anonymous thoughts on hot topics:

- "I’m going to recommend Brandon Banks to every NFL scout I know. We want to get him out of Hamilton" [/b]

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what couldn't you have added this to the existing threads about Brandon Banks?

The NFL knows who Speedy B is, he played there for 4 seasons doh

joke or not

this guy should be fired for saying this tbh. gotta be bad for image when you have people suggesting he's too talented to be in the CFL

Jeez realx. :roll: He's just saying he doesn't want to face the guy 2-4 times a year. It's a funny comment.

Huuuuge over reaction. I laughed when I saw it in the paper this morning. Guy is saying he's a great player and doesn't want to face him twice next year.

I can only think of eight head coaches who might have said that.

Exactly CatsFaninOttawa, dead on.

Probably Tom Higgins. Lol

It's the same coach in the article that said:

Who’s slower? Nik Lewis or Andy Fantuz? A couple of my coaches run as fast as them

What idiot would say that. He already played 3 seasons in Washington before coming to Hamilton last year. The Redskins reason for his release post 2012 was that they wanted him to contribute more as a receiver and he just did not.
Austin had also said similar last season when they obtained Banks. This season Banks did just that as a receiver. Making his presence in the game on offense less predeictable with the end around.
At 27 next season and the fact that the NFL already fully scouts the CFL I doubt that anyone will have to recomend him to anyone.
The NFL has been tapping into the CFL quite a bit over the past several seasons. A lot of DE/LBs have come from the CFL to NFL to fit into roations and teams. Returners as well have been brought in. Whether he gets a lot of attention to return it would have to be on the 53. After being a NFL roster player for juat about 3 full seasons I am not sure if he would have any PR roster time left or whether he would want to accept that anyway. CFL cap has gone up and he will be a pretty hot commodity on the market. I dont think Hamilton will let him go. He became exactly what AAustin wanted this season and would command a pretty good salary.
Not to mention that with more and more people watching the CFL endorsement deals are starting to come.