CFL Evalulation Camp Test Results

The strength test results (i.e. 225 lb bench press) were completed at the CFL Evaluation Camp on Saturday morning. Here are the players with the most bench press reps:

J.P. Bekasiak DL Toledo 33
Jeff Robertshaw DL McMaster 25
Andre Sadeghian RB McMaster 24
Michael Jean-Louis DL Laval 24
Tomas Dolezel DL Western Ontario 23
Kyle Koch OL McMaster 21
Sean Brown OL Alberta 21
Ben Walsh OL McGill 20

Aside from the obvious fact that J.P. Bekasiak is in a class by himself in the strength test, one would guess that the stock of McMaster running back Andre Sadeghian will move way up: his strength test results are on a par with most of the defensive linemen and he is likely to have a fast 40 yard dash time this afternoon.

Somewhat disappointing is the fact that, for whatever reason, seven players did not participate in the bench press test:

Andrew Baechler SB Laurier
Eugene Boakye LB McMaster
Jesse Card DB McMaster
Tad Crawford DB Columbia
Maxime Gagnier DB Montreal
Eric Miranda LB Laval
Jordan Rempel OL Saskatchewan

It will be interesting to see how much, if any, their decision not to participate in the strength test will affect their draft standing.

The complete list of CFL Evaluation Camp strength test results can be found on the website.

Just a heads up TCTD when it says DNP pn the bench press, it indicates that player wasn't able to do a single rep.

Which is very dissapointing when a guy cant lift 225 pounds 1 time. You see alot of Db's and Wr's in the group, which shows they arent dedicating themselves in the weight room

Just a heads up to jamthon, when it says DNP, it indicates that the player did not participate thus DNP. There's linebackers and offensive lineman on the list, if they couldn't do a single rep of 225 they'd be spending a lot of their time on the football field on their backside.

Hey gridiron with the LB and OL posting a DNP they may have been injured, so they didnt compete.

HOWEVER, if you have ever attend/participated in a CFL combine like I have a DNP notes a player couldn't do a single rep.

which is the case for the DB's and Wr's that are shown.
thank you have a good day bud

Oh ya Gridiron, on another note, you also thought we could draft Troy Smith 1st overall in the CANADIAN ENTRY DRAFT. hahah

I apologize, I had just figured that CFL combines operated the same way as NFL combines, my mistake. However, if you read the entire forum post on Troy Smith, it's filled with sarcasm, just like my post.

Ya I see how alot of ppl can be mistaken at the DNP, as just not participating. To be nice to the atheltes at the CFL combine they put DNP, instead of couldn't lift the weight.

I was surprised by the kid from Columbia, talked about being the 1st overall selection and posted at DNP on the bench. For a saftey you want to be able to bang out at least 10 reps.

I can see where they're coming from by putting DNP. I haven't even gone over the bench numbers yet. Crawford couldn't bench 225? WOW. That'll definitely hurt his draft stock. I'm thinking Bekasiak has to be the favourite right now, unless he gets drafted by the NFL. I think if he does get picked up by an NFL team, he may be worth that 4th overall pick. Especially with Ottawa coming back, we may get lucky having him protected in an NFL uniform for a year or two.

Maybe some or all of the players who did not participate declined to do the bench press reps due to injuries of some sort. For example, it is difficult to imagine that Jordan Rempel, a 6'-6", 310 lb offensive lineman listed among those who did not participate, is incapable of doing at least one bench press. Similarly, it would be surprising that Tad Crawford could be the starting safety on an NCAA football team and lead the team in tackles without being able to do at least one bench press.

DNP means did not participate. As in did not even make an attempt. There is no way a player would ‘step up to the bar’ and couldnt even push one up. The player would easily save himself the embarasement especially in such a public forum.

jamthon is comletely wrong on this.

Exactly; if a guy had a shoulder or arm injury and was still able to particiapte in other events but chose not to try the bench due to fear of aggrivating the injury, for example, they are going to have him down as DNP - it does not mean they guy tried and couldn't do 1 rep; Rempel tried and got zero I suppose eh? :roll:

I'm completely wrong on this?? I DON'T THINK SO!!

so it is embarassing when a player invited to the CFL combine can only do 1 or 2. Like it shows 4 or 5 guys did.
DNP is a nice way of stating the weight couldn't be lifted. end of story.

I'm going to say rempel and miranda didn't attempt any b/c of injury.

obviously there is a lack of understanding here. dnp mean many things. could be an injury....could be a strategic decision that because they dont think they well be impressive with their number they dont want to test.....they may feel that it 1. wont help their status or 2. it may hurt their status. there isnt very many people in college football that cant rep 225 at least 3 times. i dont mind people not knowing this info but i hate when people act like they know.....sound like idiots.

I can guarantee you he'll have one hell of a time. I went to high school with him and he was an animal, always placed well in the 100m at OFSAA.

Just wanted to make a correction on my original post in this thread. According to the CFL Evaluation Camp schedule on, the players were actually scheduled to do the vertical jump and broad jump drills this afternoon. The 40 yard dash, short shuttle, and position drills will be held tomorrow.

The Saturday afternoon vertical and broad jump results from the CFL Evaluation Camp have now been posted at

The top seven participants in the vertical jump were:

Konrad Wasiela DB UBC 37.5"
Chris Bauman WR Regina 37"
Andre Sadeghian RB McMaster 36"
Adam Nicolson WR Ottawa 36"
Cheeler Lindor LB Ottawa 36"
Travis Noel DB St. Francis Xavier 35"
Jeff Robertshaw DE McMaster 35"

And the top seven participants in the broad jump were:

Chris Getzlaf WR Regina 10' 2 1/2"
Brad Smith WR Queens 10' 1 1/2"
Adam Nicolson WR Ottawa 9' 10 1/2"
Chris Bauman WR Regina 9' 10"
Cheeler Lindor LB Ottawa 9' 10"
Tad Crawford S Columbia 9' 10"
Anthony Plante-Ajah DB Ottawa 9' 9 1/2"

As mentioned in a previous post, the 40 yard dash, short shuttle and position drills will be held tomorrow.

The Sunday results from the CFL Evaluation Camp for the 40 yard dash and 20 yard short shuttle have now been posted at

The best times of the top twelve participants in the 40 yard dash were:

Yves Beriault WR Montreal 4.50
Tad Crawford S Columbia 4.53
Glenn MacKay WR Windsor 4.56
Andre Sadeghian RB McMaster 4.59
Justin Amoah DB Brown 4.65
Dave McKoy WR Guelph 4.65
Brad Smith WR Queens 4.65
Chris Bauman WR Regina 4.67
Yannick Carter LB Wilfrid Laurier 4.70
Adam Nicolson WR Ottawa 4.71
Anthony Plante-Ajah DB Ottawa 4.71
Konrad Wasiela DB UBC 4.71

The best times of the top twelve participants in the 20 yard short shuttle were:

Tad Crawford S Columbia 4.16
Andrew Baechler WR Wilfrid Laurier 4.18
Dave McKoy WR Guelph 4.20
Mike Sheridan LB Ottawa 4.20
Adam Nicolson WR Ottawa 4.24
Brad Smith WR Queens 4.25
Jean-Philip Provencher DB Montreal 4.26
Pearce Akpata RB York 4.27
Yves Hercule DB Laval 4.33
Andre Durie RB York 4.34
Scott Stevens RB Saskatchewan 4.34
Konrad Wasiela DB UBC 4.36

As a point of interest, the best 40 yard dash time for defensive tackle J.P. Bekasiak (6' 6", 299 lbs) was 4.96 and his best 20 yard short shuttle time was 4.57. Those are excellent numbers for a player of his size.

Based on the tests at the evaluation camp, Bekasiak and Crawford appear to be great potential selections in the draft for the Cats, who are picking at 1 and 4 in the first round. Bekasiak has great size and strength, as well as good agility, and Crawford has great speed. These two players could help the Ticats right away (i.e. become starters right out of training camp).

Does anyone know who picks at # 2 and 3 in the first round of this year's draft, and whether or not they would want to select Bekasiak or Crawford?

it's been posted in other threads but here's the 07 draft order

Esks pick at #2 and Stamps (via Bombers) at #3

  • no idea who they would want to select - trying to guess CFL draft thinking is a futile effort a lot of the times IMO.