CFL Evaluation Camp Top Performers

Here is my take on the test results from the recent CFL Camp in Toronto.

Top DBs : 1.Tamon George 6'o" 182 2. Matt Morris 5'8" 187 3.Jim Allin 5'10" 170 4.Ray Wladichuk 6'0" 190

Top LBs : 1.Stan VanSichem 6'2" 229 2.James Yurichuk 6'2" 222 3.Kyle Jones 6'0" 210 4.Tristan Black 6'2" 241

Top DL : 1.Etienne Legare 6'3" 258 2.Jon Pierre-Etienne 6'2" 257 3.Scott McCuaig 6'2" 229 4.Osie Ukwuoma 6'2" 267

Top OL : 1.Matt Morencie 6'2" 267 2. Chris Jacques 6'2" 268 3.Dylan Steenbergen 6'4" 283
4.Steve Myddelton 6'2" 293 5.Simeon Rottier 6'5" 295

Top RBs : 1.Jamall Lee 6'0" 221 2.Peter Quinney 5'11" 224 3.Craig Bearss 5'11" 238
4. Eric Lee 5'10" 239

Top REC: 1.Matt Carter 6'1" 199 2. Matt Lambros 6'2" 205 3.a) Scott McHenry 6'1" 220
3.b)Milos Zivkovic 6'4" 237 3.c) Darcy Brown 6'3" 251

When you compare the numbers to the players' reputations coming into the camp,some players stock rose dramatically. Come draft day don't be surprised when you hear names like VanSichem,Yurichuk,Pierre-Etienne,Quinney,Bearss, and Darcy Brown mentioned along with Rottiers,Lees, and Legares.
There are about seven weeks till the draft(May 2) and I can't wait because the new season is coming to a stadium near you. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Good points Pat but you left out the evaluation of the 1 on 1 drills which are just as important if not more so than the athletic drills. The 1 on 1's show in a limited sense, the football smarts of the kid, how they anticipate and react to their competitor.

The one on one drills are the closest measure to game situations but they are not objectively measurable. The object of my thread was to go through the evaluation camp stats that were posted and rate the players based on their scores. When in doubt, teams will probably pick the best athlete but sometimes the best player is slower but has great hands(Hugh Campbell) or lacks the rocket arm but has great accuracy(the Little General).
Since there are fewer Canadians graduating from the NCAA this year, the evaluation camp results will probably have a bigger impact than perhaps last year. On draft day (May 2) there will be some surprise picks based on camp results and I just hope that the Cats choose wisely. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Great analysis Pat. There are some good athletes available, and based on what you've done, plus Duane Forde's commentary referred to in another thread, there may well be some surprises in the picks made.

I'm with you, I hope the Ticats choose well.

E-camp is just a snapshot. I was looking at some of the videos some of these guys didn't even know how to get off the blocks or dip at the line. Others had practiced for the drills. That is where scouting staff and following these guys over the last couple season is important. If you make decisions based mostly or solely on E-camp you can be in trouble. It will be an interesting draft, no one really stood out with the exception of Lee's measurables and there are a few interesting NCAA juniors that weren't present.

I have heard of Matt Morencie a few times. He was said to show the best blocking ability of all the OL guys. Some have even said he already has many of the skills needed at the pro level and would need less coaching than most rookies. At only around 270 though he needs to gain 20-25 pounds to properly compete at the pro level.

He will go first round for sure.

I think Rottier, Morencie, Steenbergen and Carlson if he clears will all go round 1

We don't need Morencie because we already have enough non-import interior lineman depth. But maybe another team (Winnipeg is hurting for Canadian O-Linemen, and they don't have a pick until the 3rd round), will trade us an impact starter for the #1 pick. It would take Romby Bryant or Joe Lohbedahn, Mike Kelly. (revenge for the Moreno deal).

You know it ! Kelly's ego wants to be part of those two televised rounds :slight_smile:
Problem is Kelly's brain thinks it can get there by trading Glenn or Serna :frowning:

Very good thread, PatLynch. I agree with your comments about the individual size, speed, agility and strength measurables being the starting point for making objective comparisons between the players at the E-Camp. The one-on-one football drills can move a player up or down on the draft list, but the individual measurables and his previous game successes are usually what get him onto the list in the first place.

As you have pointed out, the E-Camp results have brought a number of lower profile CIS players into light. It will be interesting to see how it plays out on draft day. Based on Obie's philosophy that a player usually has to pay his dues successfully on special teams to earn time on the other units, there are a number of players on your list who might fit the bill.

HfxTC rightly points out that most of the CFL draft eligible players from the NCAA did not attend because they have at least one more year of NCAA eligibility remaining. Duane Forde has listed those players in one of his columns so there is no need to repeat them here. However, one player he has not listed is Brian Bulcke, a native of Windsor, Ontario, who played defensive tackle in his junior year at Stanford in 2008. The other Canadians who were in their junior years in 2008 are eligible for the CFL Draft: unless the CFL has some rule or reason why Bulcke is not draft eligible this year, he would be a good early round selection even though he cannot participate in a CFL camp until 2010.

Here is Brian Bulcke's bio from the Stanford football website (but it does not include his 2008 stats)

[url=] ... ian00.html[/url]

In 2008, Bulcke had 18 total tackles and 4 quarterback sacks. The latter stat is impressive for an inside defensive lineman.

Here is a link to interview held with Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh on Feb 23/09 where he discusses their 2009 Spring Football program. Harbaugh only mentions about a dozen players in the early part of the interview: at the 3:00 minute mark, he mentions that Brian Bulcke is in competition for a starting defensive tackle position:

Bulcke and Zac Carlson are both in appeal process to be available for non-import status and up for this year's draft. That was the last I heard of either of them.

Thanks for the info, Rids78.