CFL Europe!!!

:lol: :lol: There are a couple of threads about games in Germany and France, so why not start a new league--CFL Europe! Have teams in London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam to start. Then you can expand as need be, all those NFLE refugees need a place to play! :lol: :lol:

Oh, you and your damn expansion threads... :wink:

I will say though, I believe that Europeans would prefer the Canadian game. Like soccer, rugby, etc, the game has shorter interruptions than the american version.

Help Police! Help Sambo’s been kidnapped by the expansion zealots.

Actually, more accurately,

Admins, Admins, someone has Sambo’s sign in. Sambo would not post such rubbish. Some one has hacked his password!

Its a thread made in jest, but its better than the expansion threads and other threads about dirty play..

Actually Europe makes a lot of sense for the CFL. NFLE has already done the groundwork, so we can forget about Scotland or Leichtenstein. Germany is where the European football heartland resides.

The CFL could setup a 4 or 6-team loop in Amsterdam and Germany , with half Canadian players of course, contesting for the European Cup (has a nice ring to it!) The European champ could challenge the Grey Cup champ to the World Bowl of Canadian Football.

All that's left to do now is design the uni's! :rockin:

Sporty the UFO is over his house and sucked up all his common sense and replaced it with the action point and expansion thoughts.

NFL Europe is a failed experiment. Europeans prefer to watch soccer. Most interest in football is limited to North America. If the NFL couldn't succeed in Europe, can the CFL be expected to do better?

Other than me not liking the idea at all... Xvys... if it did happen like you are describing, it better not be called a "Bowl"... it's all about Cups here. :thup:

If they did they should call it The Absolute World Football Championship Cup Bowl No Disputing It Game.

And also they should play the game on the MOON.