CFL Essay

Can anyone write a short essay on why someone should become a CFL fan?

I myself suck at essays, even on a subject so dear to my heart.

hmmm, guess not.

I thought maybe if someone could put together a good enough one, we could try to get the govt to give a copy to everyone new to Canada.

Couldn't hurt. :slight_smile:

Lets just threaten to whip them if they don't attend CFL games. That's way more direct than any essay (and probably more effective too)

If anyone tried to write an essay, many would begin with a recollection of attending for the first time with father. What the CFL is to "old-timers" is a connection to family and tradition.

Ask anyone who took him to his first game, and consider the results.

CFL at heart is about the relationship between the father and the son.

My Dad took me to two games, both at McMahon in 1964 vs BC and 1965 vs Winnipeg.

For me, it was September 22, 1973, Edmonton at Ottawa in the rain. Gerry Organ kicked four field goals in ten minutes in the first quarter, a record. Barber pole goalposts, Player's cigarettes ad on the scoreboard. Made me a fan for life.

Same teams play on the same date this September. At Lansdowne.

Thanks, dad.

Seems to me what we have right here is living proof that going to CFL games at an early age can create life-long fond memories. It certainly has for me. And it's also partly patriotic too because I so much associate the CFL with Canada. That's something that might be important to the immigrant parents of young children.

I would contend that this likely holds true for just about anything one is exposed to at a young age, be it camping, soccer, football, fishing, whatever. If something triggers an especially happy moment or a few it is an activity that will resonate with you for a long time. That is why it is so important for a teacher to find a way to create a spark in a sticks.

They need to know all 9 CFL team nick names and;)

They also have to throw the ball 20 yds down field to at least one other permanent status landed immigrant running a sideline pattern and he must catch it with both feet in bounds .

If they do it their in if they can't forget it .

We need to get the quota up for expansion and a QB counted as a national asap .

Not for me. I did it all by myself. too, my dad had nothing to do with my falling in love with the CFL...

CFL should be written into the Canadian Constitution under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 8)
Yes Father and son, Big brother little brother and sister it all counts.
For me it was the players and the community excitement on the streets days before the game and watching great players as a young kid in Regina like: Lancaster,Reed,McQuarters,Brock,Campbell,Abendschan then Elgard and Masurak,Wilder and McGee as a teenager just to name 'a very very few',
Go Riders Go


As a youngster I used to make fun of my dad for watching the CFL, though I secretly liked it.

Yeah best not to romanticize the CFL too much or to think its remotely reasonable for the gov't to single out this activity amongst the hundreds Canada has to offer.

My first ever game was awful. Old men ( seemed old to a kid) passing around a bottle. Swearing, drunk, smoking, booing. It was truly awful.

Saw games with father and family through elementary school. Sold game programs with middle school friends and on through high school. Mostly guys. Never found going to games with girls good. In university bought season tickets for the first time. Being from Ottawa, lost the team in the nineties and rediscovered football with my wife in Montreal at McGill. Now attending games with my own family. That's forty five years worth of games, but it started with my father.