CFL enters into partnership with FAFF in France

Number 3 down for CFL 2.0

French players will participate in the National Combine next month

The two sides also agreed to share resources by working to facilitate coaching exchanges and the development of officials as well as seek a broadcast/streaming deal to make CFL games and first division French games available to fans in France.

Top division has 12 teams.

sacre bleu!

If the CFL ever decides to allot talent by their college like the AAF does the CFL should take it one step further and do it by country.

For example Montreal would claim France, BC Japan, etc

How would you divide the spoils of CFL 2.0? Who would get Germany, Finland, etc?

And now an agreement with the Austrian federation as well.

I wonder whether the CFL is hoping for some sort of international TV revenues. Because otherwise I don’t see the point.


Well if nothing else Ambrosie now has a whole pool of potential replacement players should he not reach an agreement with the CFLPA by the start of the season.

No need to wonder on that point. They most certainly are hoping for that. And they’re hoping to increase the talent available for CFL teams. And they’re hoping to increase awareness of the 3-down game. And they’re hoping to provide more opportunities for Canadians to play abroad.

And they just announced with 4 Nordic countries too, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

All expected to participate in the combine next month.

Euro tour is finished.

Are parts of Asia and Australia next?

I’m really excited by the potential of all this international action, and I really think it can absolutely be a boon to the league both in terms of players going both ways, and streaming/broadcast revenues.

I was in Austria a few years ago and went to an Austrian League football game. It was good. More than a sprinkling of Canadian CIS players including the Simon Fraser Uni QB.
It was pro level, much higher than CIS. Lots of American players as well.
They had a quota of imports allowed but I can’t remember how many.
Certainly these teams I saw would be competitive at the CFL level.

If only we could get them to play Canadian rules. But, football is football in the general sense, so there is far more positive about these agreements than not.

Maybe having some of their players move to CFL rosters and getting some TV coverage of CFL games will be the exposure those fans/leagues need to start pondering changes to the Canadian rule set.

Might as well start broadcasting games on YouTube for other countries and at least get the ad revenue.

It’s not a tumour.

Well hopefully we’ll see some sort of gradual evolution to at least semi-Canadian rules.


i’m bewildered.


Maybe he just got back from the doctor.

Austrian bowl highlights

It’s good to promote our league world wide.
Like some have said, too bad we can’t get some of these nations to play 3 down.
As smart as Ambrosie is for these well thought out “partnerships”, I hope the league will begin to reap the financial rewards shortly.
Due to proximity and potential TV deal, Mexico would seem to be the first and best?

Unless Ambrosie raises the minimum salary Mexico makes the most sense. European countries are much better off than most Mexicans.

I honestly couldnt care less if other country’s play 3 down or not, as long as 3 downs is in Canada I’m happy. I think with Ambrosie getting a few international players would be good for getting more people around the world to watch, I think the cfl just needs to find a way to increase revenue, that tv deal will be huge if with all these new partnerships make it so more people watch the game