CFL East

imho_CFl b.o.g has to look into the Parity between the CFL east and the CFL west divisions!! this trend was corrected for a few years, (no crossover playoff teams from the west in the east playoffs, However this is not the case any longer and there must be Something done . It wont be a bandaid solution or quick fix , but there must be something that can be done to bring the CFL east up to the caliber of the CFL west, What is the cause of this? Do West teams have closer ties with CIS or Junior talent pools?

This parity issue really is only a current concern.

Montreal usually fields a strong team. An 8-10 season last year was considered a disaster.

Argos have been over .500 for the last few seasons.

Winnipeg has been contending since their 5-13 2005 season. They are struggling now but Im pretty sure they will end up with 7-8 wins.

This year is exceptional, nobody expected Winnipeg ans Sask to be as good as they are, and sorry to say most expected the Ticats and Bombers to be better than they have been