CFL East/West All-Star Game

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Keys to a successful CFL All Star Game Concept:

  1. Neutral site game.
    The game can then be sold as an event, not just another exhibition game.

  2. Pre-season vs. mid or post-season.
    Mid - doesn't work mainly because of a already crowded season; and the potential, no matter how remote, of losing a player for the playoff run.

  • Remember, these are the "stars", not the "role players".
    Post - isn't great because the Grey Cup hype is over, the NHL and NFL are rolling, and players are generally beat up and worn out from a hard season.
  1. Weather restrictions. A week after Grey Cup is not going to be pleasant in most locations within Canada. That is, going with the non-CFL city theory.

Touchdown Atlantic covers all of the above issues.
If you are a promoter/sponsor of the Halifax game, you have a guaranteed product to sell... and quality - the marquee players rather than 2nd and 3rd string prospects.
Plus you don't run the risk of a team folding at the last minute, and ruining the entire effort.

The CFL should have an all-star game, and not be the only pro league without one.
The venue and timing would work with the existing schedule.

The injury issue?
Utilize the Pro Bowl "limited contact" regulations.
The NFL actually has rules in place, designed to prevent injuries... no blitz, stunts, etc.
All easily implemented for a CFL all-star game.

Funny...I was just thinking about this the other day. Maybe even this morning.

Forgive the question, but my memory is lousy (at best). But what did the CFL used to do? I can vaguely recall a CFL All-Star game. When and where was it played?

As for my own opinion. I'd love to see it played but I'm really not sure when or where would be best. The only solution I had considered was a week or so after the Grey Cup and in one of the domed stadiums (Toronto, Montreal or BC). I realize that this may not be exactly fair to other cities...but it was just my initial thought.

Another game after Grey cup, ImHO -CUP winner vs league allstars, revenue to CFLPA. OR imports vs, nonimports?

I'd like to see the Grey Cup Champions play the NFLE Champions... but there wouldn't be a good time to play the game.

I’ve never thought an All-Star game was plausible but now that the Touchdown Atlantic game was mentioned, I think a pre-season tilt might be very interesting.

Maybe taking a weekend off in the middle of camps to let the previous season’s All-Stars play in prospective expansion cities.

Considering the risk of injury or the diminishing of competition since these players won’t be fighting for jobs, it still sounds really far fetched, but I like the idea.

?Grey cup winner & cfl allstars vs last years superbowl winner

Yeah, and the game could take place in Halifax. But do you suppose the NFL would be thrilled to be going home holding a $200 cheque in their hands, their share of the games profits?

A CFL Allstar game was in place for a lot of years. It worked in two different ways:

  1. The best from the east played the best from the west in an appointed stadium.

  2. The Grey Cup Champs played the CFL All Stars from east and west (in one game) in the home of the champions.

I prefer the east meets west concept and I would like to see it played a couple of weeks following grey cup in a domed stadium. (BC or Toronto) This would give injuries a chance to heal and insure that bad weather will not be a factor.

I don't really see the point. The Pro Bowl is a bit of a joke and quite an anti-climax to the season. Would not a CFL all-star game be a letdown too?

I'm all for giving star players their due respect, but I feel the season rightly ends with the Grey Cup.

I always looked forward to the All Star game. You're right, ty-pex, it pales in comparison to the grey cup and is definitely anti climatic; however, for folks who are really into the game, it's a treat to see the CFL's best all on the field at the same time.

I was surprized at how well these games were played and the fervor that went into them, given the fact that the All Star game was played for shear entertainment only.

I'm sure that the reason for this would be that the All Stars are true football players in every sense of the word and it wouldn't matter if a guy like Milt Stegall was playing on a sand lot, he'd still give you his best.

The All Stars are the creme de la creme and they play their hearts out no matter what.

I can recall watching a game of flag football years ago between NFL and CFL players. I think it was some Christian organization. was cool to watch.

I agree, if you have to play an All-Star game, it should be done after the Grey Cup. There used to be CFL all-star games in the seventies. It didn't work to well. The players were'nt in game shape as this game took place before training camp. Major injuries to these star players would have long lasting effects on the fortunes of their team club. After the Grey Cup, the players are still in shape and if injured could recover in the off-season. Still wonder about attendance though. It wasn't good in the seventies.

Maybe we could have an all-star break like in baseball and hockey? I think it'd be a lot of fun to have an all-star game.

Maybe it is time to re-visit an All Star game. I can't speak about attendance in the 70's (my memory isn't all that good) but the CFL over the last few years is riding a high with regards to TV and stadium attendances.

It had it's lows somewhere in the 80's. I can recall a time (pre TSN) when CBC wouldn't televise a game until Labour Day. And they wondered why the CFL was near bankruptcy!

actually that was only maybe 7 or 8 years ago... maybe 10.

pre-TSN (early 80s anyway) most years all but maybe 6 or 7 games were broadcast on CBC or CTV (later CFN).

Didnt a plane crash once flying home from an all star game? and didnt a bunch of Rough Riders get killed? Poor guys.

We seem to get this idea tossed up every year. It isn't going to happen!
They used to have an All-Star game. Yes!
But that was before they played an 18 game schedule, and when they thought they needed an attraction, other than the games themselves to appeal to newer fans.
But now, with the exhibition games, 18 league games, and for the best teams and players, 2 or 3 playoff games,..that's enough.
The whole workload has increased to the point where nothing can reasonably be added. Heck, I can remember when the first scheduled game of the season was played on Labour Day weekend. Under those conditions, you could add an All-Star game to give the fans a little more , and the players a few extra bucks. IMO today there is just no time available.

instead of the damon allen qb show. change it to the cfl all-star competition. Different positions going head to head in different competitions. Survival of the fittest. This could be alot of fun if the right people promote this the right way & the events are entertaining