CFL East Race!

The CFL East Race just got tighter last night with the Argo's win over Ottawa in the dying seconds of the game and all three teams sitting at 16 points. What are the Cats chances now to keep the pace or win the East?

Every game becomes a big game now for the Cats and with the Riders coming in on Friday night as a win would definitely allow us to keep pace. Probably the best test will be the upcoming back to back games with Ottawa and the away game in Montreal.

It's time to get it together and get out of the two game losses and back to winning again.

Hamilton 13 8 5 0 16 430 269 4 - 3 - 0 4 - 2 - 0 3 - 2 - 0 L2
Toronto 13 8 5 0 16 350 383 4 - 1 - 0 4 - 4 - 0 3 - 3 - 0 W2
Ottawa 14 8 6 0 16 354 376 5 - 2 - 0 3 - 4 - 0 3 - 3 - 0 L1


The Cats more or less control their own destiny with the back to back games against Ott. to finish the season.
Would be great to get wins against Sask. and BC (not to sure about Mtl. but lets hope)

I think the BC game will be the Cats' most unlikely to win. Thy play in MTL on Sunday afternoon, followed by Friday night at 10 o'clock, our time, out there -- short week, the longest trip of the season, and the usual distractions of Vancouver. Not to mention the Lions looking to be quite a bit improved in recent weeks.

We know what the Argos can do right now, they have looked strong so forget about the 2 Labour Day week games, Ottawa is just as strong as the Argos right now, they should have won that game on Tues. I can't see the Ticats going into BC and winning and with two games against Ottawa it's going to be tough.
The Ticats are the unknown right now without Zach, with the weather conditions we didn't see what Mathews could do against the Stamps. I will re-evaluate my prediction after seeing how Mathews plays against the Riders.

Based on the QB situation and the way the ARgos and Ottawa are playing I see the Argos finishing first, Ottawa second and the Ticats third.

I'll stay away from predicting the finish in the east, but to say that I think Montreal is going to be dead last.

The road to the TOP of the CFL East starts tomorrow with a Cats win, the Tiger-Cats pull out a win against Sask at Tim Horton's Field and will just keep the edge on the surging Redblacks and Argo's.

Should be a wild finnish in the last five games of the season.


im hoping a win tonight,and 2 more wins including 1 vs redblacks in which we can outscore them in the two games to get us the tiebreaker which should be enough to get us 1st place. im thinking its a must win tonight,,,then win win at least one vs bc or mont on the road,,,,after that the head to head is huge vs ottawa end of year. id be impressed if the argos won their remaining games to win them the division.

If Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa are all still tied at the end of the season (e.g. identical 10-8 or 11-7 records), I think that favours us.

If I'm not mistaken, the first tie-breaker would be record in games among the three teams.

  • Hamilton has at least 3 wins (all against Toronto), plus any we can get against Ottawa.
  • Toronto has exactly 3 wins (all against Ottawa).
  • Ottawa has only the wins they may get against Hamilton (between 0 and 2).

On that basis:

  • Ottawa can't possibly win a three-way tie-breaker
  • Hamilton wins if we get at least one win against Ottawa
  • If we lose both games against Ottawa and somehow are still part of a three-way tie (highly unlikely), I'm not sure what the next-level tie-breaker is to decide between Ham and Tor. If it's head-to-head games, then we win over Tor.

In a three-way tie, point differential in the two Ham-Ott games would be irrelevant. Only wins would matter.

In a two-way tie, if it's Toronto we win, and if it's Ottawa it comes down to the last two games, including point differential if we split them.

(I think)

Looks like it's going to all come down to the head to head against Ottawa and Hamilton. If Ottawa sweeps Winnipeg and we beat Montreal and B.C. then we just need to split with the RubyGlooms to clinch a home playoff spot. The problem is that Toronto is more than capable of running the table which means we'll probably need to sweep Ottawa to clinch first.

Hamilton should not have a problem with the remainder of the season....only Montreal seems to have our number ( way I don't know ) with neither Ottawa nor B.C. can stand up to our defense....the only thing with Ottawa is their interception abilities...please no swing out passes...way too easy for pick-sixes. Mathews was good with the over-the-top passes and avoid stupid long wide outs to the sidelines.

I wouldn't say that. BC will be very tough at home, their QB looked good last game. Montreal will be tough at home too and they are battling for a playoff. Ottawa is the unknown against the Ticat defense. Ottawa is also leading the CFL in sacks not just INTs - I'm thinking a Ticat 2 - 2 to finish the season.
I think it's going to come down to the three Ontario teams battling for first place and it will come down to the series meeting between them for first place.

Agree, next game against Montreal at McGill will be a good test for the Cats with Montreal winning the season series. The Al's are always tough at home, a win on Monday against Toronto will keep the Al's in the fight for a playoff spot in the west, every game will be a battle.

Mathews looked good against the Riders but his real test will be the next 4 games, In Montreal, In BC, Home to Ottawa and back in Ottawa.

We lead the East division for now but the fight to win the CFL East continues.


These are too close for me to call, if we come out 2-2 I’ll be happy. Also, given our circumstances, I won’t be too disappointed if we can’t hold on to first place. The eyes should be on a bigger prize beyond that. :smiley:

If the Tiger-Cats prepare before hand for every remaining game the way they did against Regina and deliver an overall team victory there is no reason why they can't finnish the remaining games 4-0 and win the east.

Will they need to win all 4 games to win the east No not with the current standings and the fact that they won the season series against the Argo's in case of a tie, if they can do the same with Ottawa that would clinch it.

The destiny of this team into the playoffs and beyond will be decided in the next match ups against the east teams, Montreal and back to back with Ottawa.