CFL East QBing vs. CFL West QBing

Matthew Scianitti on Quarterbacking in the CFL East vs. West. An interesting piece.

“The objective is to win now,? Ticats president Scott Mitchell told a Toronto radio station on Wednesday.

The undeniable truth is the CFL is tailored for quarterbacks who bring immediate success, like Doug Flutie did in Toronto and Danny McManus did in Hamilton, regardless of a laundry list of disappointments in southern Ontario, including Kent Austin, Kerry Joseph, Jason Maas and Cleo Lemon.

Yet, perhaps, there is another way to look at Ray and Burris’ moves — an analysis that cuts through the numbers to examine the traditional willingness of western teams to make the difficult decision to ship away star quarterbacks for the sake of sustained success, versus the seemingly perpetual decisions by Toronto and Hamilton to seek instant gratification over the opportunity to develop.

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“[b]The objective is to win now[/b],? Ticats president Scott Mitchell told a Toronto radio station on Wednesday.
Fine with me. I'll take winning now, as opposed to waiting another 3-4 years. :P

But we don't win. Not even close. 1 Grey Cup in the last 20 something years and moslty horrible records.

I think the reporter's point is that the east philosophy does not work any where near a well as the west philosophy, and that's why the east ( Hamilton and Toronto) generally sucks, and the west does not.

Is this the "blow everything up" vs. "continuity" argument? Sounds like it.

You never know how a QB is going to turn out.
The Cats were ready to go with Porter 2 yrs. ago but Porter stumbled and lost his chance to Kevin Glenn.
The Cfl is and was full of recycled QB's
Danny Mac - B.C., Edm., Ham.
Damon Allen - B.C.,Edm.,Ham.,Tor. Ott.
Dunnigan- Edm.,B.C., Ham.
Flutie - Cal.,B.C., Tor.
Calvillo - Ham., Las Vegas, Mont.,
The list is extensive
Now it is Burris, Ray, and Pierce is still unsigned.
Tate could be a disaster for all we know and what will happen in Edm.
Calgary and Edm could be in real trouble, maybe not.
When B.C. went 0-5 to start last season the B.C. fans wanted both Lulay's and Buono's heads to roll.

absolutely Grover.
There are no guarantees in pro sports, and never will be.

How many times have teams have spent copious amounts of time and financial resources developing a QB thought to be the saviour of a team, only to be proven an eventual bust.
Eric Crouchs and Don McPhersons abound in the CFL....yet so do successful retreads like Flutie/Dunigan.

Who knows how well Burris will play for the Cats, but at least team management is placing a concerted effort to fit the pieces of the puzzle in order to complete the layout.