CFL East has better record than West

I cannot remember the last time the Eastern Division had a better record than the West

East 10 Wins 9 Losses
West 13 Wins 14 Losses

Great for the league !

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I can’t decide to be happy & buy a lottery ticket or be sad because the end of times is nigh.

Percentage wise the East is good but win wise still 3 behind.

There’s less games with less teams in the East…

East has beaten Western teams 5 times. West has beaten East teams 4 times. You can’t compare number wins when there are more teams in West.

That is the stat that matters

Again that has not happened in many years.


What’s the head to head matchup east vs west?

That’s why I was pushing win percentage in which case the East is the lead which is ,indeed, good for the league.

It’s early on but I can’t remember the last time the East had a winning record head to head record. Also considering the West started up 2-0.

Only 1 game of West vs East next week - Ott vs CGY


Elks are the reason

Could be a good one too. On paper, the two teams seem close.

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I think we’re all waiting to see what Crum can do for an encore

3 straight games of trying to crash the goaline for a win?

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Interesting that only 2 clubs are sub .500 against the other division, while 4 are above .500.