CFL east Awards sweep?

The Als will not sweep.

Outstanding Player: Anthony Calvillo
Outstanding Canadian: Ben Cahoon
Outstanding Defensive Player: Keron Williams, Doug Brown, or Kelly Malveaux
Outstanding Offensive Lineman: Bryan Chiu
Outstanding Rookie: P. Rodriguez
Outstanding Special Teams Player: Dominique Dorsey (healthy or not)
Coach of the Year: Marc Trestman

I think Zeke and Destroy could be in the running for Defensive Player so i'd say just over half the awards on the eastern half will be won by Als but definetly not all... I agree with Dorsey winning Special Teams. Outstanding Rookie in the east is a real tough one because alot of the rookies here in the east have had a couple superb games.. I can't agree with rodriguez just for the fact he's just recently been playing lights out but he is probably in top 3 to win and 1 of the favorites.