CFL east Awards sweep?

OK so here is a question, could the Als sweep the East Awards?

Outstanding Player: Anthony Calvillo
Outstanding Canadian: Ben Cahoon
Outstanding Defensive Player: ----
Outstanding Offensive Lineman: the whole line but we will go with Bryan Chiu
Outstanding Rookie: ----
Outstanding Special Teams Player: ----
Coach of the Year: Marc Trestman


Bold lol so what are your predictions then

Outstanding Player:
Outstanding Canadian:
Outstanding Defensive Player: Cameron Wake
Outstanding Offensive Lineman:
Outstanding Rookie: Weston Dressler
Outstanding Special Teams Player: ----
Coach of the Year:

Last time I looked Wake and Dressler played in the west!

Or do western fans now think that West players should be eligable for eastern awards? :wink:

I thought he meant the CFL awards would be an Eastern sweep.

I know, Im just teasing you! :wink:

Stop teasing me…Im gonna cry… :frowning:

Outstanding Player: Calvillo (MTL), if it wasn't for Cobourne injury, he would have probably won it...
Outstanding Canadian: Cahoon (MTL)
Outstanding Defensive Player: Wake (BC)
Outstanding Offensive Lineman: Perrett or Bourke from MTL O-Line
Outstanding Rookie: Emry (MTL) or Dressler (SSK)
Outstanding Special Teams Player: Duval (MTL)
Coach of the Year: Marc Trestman

Ok I'm biased ! :wink:

Not even close.

even though Dorsey is injured, he should still win Special teams, and Rodriguez is the front runner for rookie, so the answer is no… Montreal will win the rest though.

Wake and Dressler still play in the West! :wink:

Maybe there was a trade we missed, ro…

I agree. If not for the injure, Dorsey would be a lock. But I still say he's the favourite.

No i meant the Als sweep the East awards sorry for the confusion.

Only confusion for those who didn't take the time to read....

like me. sorry. :slight_smile:

I will accept your apology on hg's behalf :slight_smile: