CFL - Earlier Start?

The age old argument but where do we stand today? Should the CFL start earlier at least by a couple of weeks?

I think it would be better to have a warmer football experience. Plus, how hard is it to convince the wife to attend a game that she's not really interested in on a good day to sit at the comfy Commonwealth stadium late October with your see through plastic bag?

or should we shorten the season due to the issue of the NFL draft and the timing of the CFL draft - as the CFL draft has to be after the NFL in order for it to kind of "work"? so we can have an earlier grey cup and a better chance of warmer weather?


It’s an argument we recently had in another topic about the vanier cup. To sum up some people think that the season should stay as it is now. Some people want change. Only the CFL can decide what to do but people like Farhan from TSN are hinting at change.

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I agree with an earlier start, how about the game tonight starting earlier than 10:30 PM EST


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I think the best solution is a compromise: start the season in mid May, but still finish in late November. Just at 2-4 more games to the schedule!


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A 20 game with 4 weeks of playoffs. Why not.

Still not sure an early start will be better or the CFL would have done it by now.

Time zones and geography are real.

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you think you'll be able to afford the 50 bucks there burnaby?

Already have my tickets.

Would be nice if they could play pre-season tournaments against other leagues early. Canada's weather is suspect in the spring but it can be nice in Mexico. Some fans could plan some interesting road trips I'm sure.

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Atta boy

In 1958 the season started August 14. In 1961 it started on August 7. In 1965 it started on July 30. In 1975 it started on July 23. In 1977 it started on July 12. In 1981 it started on July 2. 2015 it started on June 25. 2018 it started on June 14.

Since the CFL began it's been trending early starts. Most people didn't notice because between 1981 and 2015 it stayed the same over a period of 34 years.


You also will notice during that time teams were playing back to back (Saturday and Monday) in the same weekend.

Even the NBA now is starting early now (OCT 20th) and still finishes at the same time in June.

I believe some fans just want a May to October season just so they can feel better about themselves.

Would they go to Green Bay or New England for a January playoff? I bet you they would.

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So you want the hometown crowd to have to scramble to get the kids home and fed, eat at 4pm or wait til 10pm, and try to make it through the peak of rush hour to the game downtown, (or maybe skip the game entirely) just so the entitled east has a convenient tv time?

The game is 730 local. Just like it would be if it was played in precious Ontario. It's called home field.


If you have a million CFL fans the odds of one of them also being an NFL fan is fairly decent. I'm not taking that bet lol.

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I hear you there🍻.

Having the Grey Cup in November is a special feeling.

Won't get that with an October Grey Cup.

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The earlier start in May with the same ending time of November and making sure the games are played at optimum time would be great for the league .

Take away the double headers and triple headers .

Get rid of BC games at 10pm est and later . Saturday and Sunday games for the west coast .

The only problem is they would need to pay more for players etc... .

But they might have a better contract if they can optimize viewership , attendance and for the good of the leagues future some Canadian expansion so they can have More games to sell .


LOL - how do they do that? easier said than done. The CFL has been trying to figure that out for the past 10 years.
We know that TV viewership in Canada is going down, not just the fact of the aging demographic and less young people interested in the CFL, but cord cutting.
More people are streaming and buying Firesticks, they aren't subscribing to Cable that's a thing of the past. Forget the "better" contract it's not going to happen.

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I just posted this on another topic, it belongs here as well

Saturday is usually a double or triple header b/c CFL doesn't want to compete with NFL Sunday.

You already agreed that Friday is understandable. That leaves 3 games on Saturday or two on Saturday & one on NFL Sunday. So to avoid losing TV ratings vs NFL, the other option is 3 games Saturday. Giving there Is a three hour difference in time. So to be fair to East and West, they start the first game in the East around 2pm. Which is 11am in Vancouver. Thursday Sunday & Monday Don't bring in a great amount viewers. Keep in mind this will become more difficult if/when Halifax has a team.

I do look forward to any suggestions that is fair to all


I have a PVR, I'm often away on weekends, my wife and I record lots of programing including CFL, NHL, and my wife's programs, even when I'm at home I still record all the games and shows, so I can watch them on our time, times are a changing but I'm not, I'm old fashion, I don't zoom, stream or anything else like that, I just make it work for me. The CFL needs to make it easier and profitable to watch on personal devices.