CFL EA Sports game?

I used the search feature to see if this issue was already started. Did not find it, so here it goes....

Are there any plans in place to have a CFL video game comparable to Madden any time soon?

I'm hopeful the CFL's marketing department visit this thread.

Nope. EA has on several occasions cited that the target market just wasn't large enough.

Or that they fix the search function since there have been dozens of threads about CFL video games.

Amen to that.

Been beaten to death in previous threads. Sad too, I would love a game.


I don't understand why they just don't include CFL teams in the Madden game so you could play as CFL teams with Canadian Football rules.

lol I made one in the off topic fourm, but yeah I guess it would take alot of $$$ in investment money and their saying that it wouldn't sell enough to actually make a profit out if it....

Go to Board Index and scroll down until you see Off-Topic then click on it and theirs a topic called CFL Football Video Game and it was made by me, some others commented on it and they have some pretty good posts to answer some questions you have on here........


Moderator, if you want please delete this thread. I added some comments in a previously started thread.