CFL dying in Toronto ?

If the biggest city in Canada can't draw 20 000 for a Argo game, things may be worse then ever in Toronto for the Argo's ? I know the sports fans are fickle in Toronto,but have some pride in supporting a franchise that has been in Toronto for over 100 years ! Please don't use the excuse, their not competitive ! They have won 5 Grey Cups since the Maple Jokes won a cup in a 6 team league !

I think dying is a bit strong, but it looks like the Argos aren't as popular as they used to be.

The good news is that they have an owner who will turn things around. Look at where the Lions were in 1996 when David Braley bought them, and look at how much better they are now (as an organization, not the on-field product so much this year :lol: )

Braley bought them, because nobody else would step up ! I'm sure Braley would prefer to only own one team ! They had trouble getting 30 000 when they had Flutie winning Grey Cups in the mid 90's !

I agree, it took braily forever to turn the lions around to respectability, when hired bob ackles to run the team that turned the lions around, braily has to hire the right people to run the team or they are not going to last. I know for a fact that Braily will not move them out of Rodgers centre, like he always said that bc place was the best place for the lions to play at. Not even consider them to play anywhere outside, with the way Empire was put together you think Braily might look at that if attendance does not increase at all even if they continue to win, but do not count on it braily had no plans of moving the lions out side at all if the government did not step in.

unfortunately, there are no more bobby ackles out there, specially for the argos.

It certainly isn't at its peak right now. There is now stable ownership, a team that is doing very well and the Leafs still suck. Put those three things together and some time and you'll see this change.

I think the sports fans in Toronto need to get their head out of their butts and stop being to unpatriotic.

ya I know you're the next city in the USA.. and you think you're the best anywhere..

but You are in Canada, stop being such idiots and pay attention to your own teams

cause you're NEVER getting an NFL team.. not when there are teams losing money in the NFL today.

Once Toronto sports fans realize that it's a good thing when the number on the left is higher than the number on the right they'll come back.

i agree Toronto has to get over the fact that the NFL has bigger markets to get to before they even think about toronto.

But That is toronto for you they still think the leafs are going to win the cup every year too. They live in a fantasy land there.

20 thousand fans for a team that has won a handful of games in two years and is competing with everything under the sun is not tragic. If the Als can overcome 3000 paying fans. I'm pretty sure Braley can turn things around. Watch Winnipeg's attendance if the suk again this year and they'll be lucky to have 20 thousand fans.

to bad we cant vote toronto out of canada

Why not? If Quebec can have one if they'll leave Canada, can't we have one for Toronto?
But that's not the root of the problem. The cancer comes from Rogers and once they're gone, the people of Toronto will come back to their senses.

Football was also "dying" in Montreal and Vancouver, among others at one point...
The argos are doing things right, it's going to take time before the argos' image in Toronto changes, but they're doing things right. Also, does Toronto support any sport, that's not the Leafs?

The argos still have very good ratings , but don't get great crowds.
The Jays get good ratings, but poor crowds.
Nobody watches the raptors and if they're weren't owned by MLSE they would get much poorer crowds.

i still think that they have to get out of rodgers centre before anything happends.

too bad we cant vote rogers out of canada

Our attendance didn’t SUK last year, but of course you never get anything right ! So why would you start now ? Our smallest crowd last year was 22 000 and had a few sellouts and averaged 26 000 . Room for improvement, but not bad for a 29 000 seat stadium !
Even when the Argo’s have decent teams they have trouble drawing big crowds ! You probably don’t know this, but Toronto and the surrounding area have a few more people to draw from as well !

I know it's been said before but TFC in the RC would be a dead team by now. Everyone knows the RC isn't a football friendly stadium so anything around the 20,000 mark is pretty good.

Hopefully, but not likely, Toronto will get a proper CFL stadium, one can only hope.

For those claiming the current attendance as poorer than ever.. The Flutie years did not consist of 20,000+ attendances. The years up to the Cinnamon and Sokalowski ownership was averaging 15,000...

Papered crowds during the Argos C&S tenure saw as good as 30,000 average attendances as recently as 2007.

I suspect this year's attendance values are the product of 2 dismal seasons coupled with a reduction in freebees with Braley at the helm.

Hamilton's attendance did a similar thing dropping from 25,000ish to 20,000ish when Scott Mitchel became president, freebees became scarce and the losing seasons piled up.

And you Toronto haters... I've been in every major city and every province in this country and Toronto is just a different animal. Its the 5th largest metro area in North America and there's a diverse population with diverse interests. It is not the fault of Toronto's people for the Argos relative lack of success off the field. The CFL is Canadian tradition yes but a sold product like any other and its up to the Argos and the league to tap this huge market. It is not a civic duty to buy sports tickets.

For a metro area of 5.5 million, the Argos should draw 40,000 a game no problem. The fact they don't is not the fault of everyday good people with their own likes and dislikes. Its the fault of successive ownership groups and the league for not succeeding amidst the competition.

Definately have to agree with JoeDT on that! I think it could even be applied to the whole league really....remember we were on life support for almost all of the 80s and 90s, bad owners, bad commisioners and no real promotion almost killed the whole league! During that time, the Leafs and Jays were creating not just brands, but whole industries based around themselves, the Argos (nor the CFL) followed the lead.

At least now, we are starting to see improvements....Fantuz Flakes, I see Reebok adds with Stamps' players faces on them at some of the sporting goods stores in Calgary.

Look positively at it, we know there are 40-50K Argo fans that will go to the games in TO, and a 30K average is not unheard of. So its just convincing 10,000 fans to come back, and building from there.

oh bull tweety. Having lived a few yrs in toronto, I know there to be a lot more arrogance there than in any other place I lived. I was there when they took over being the largest city in Canada and you would think by the noise they made about it that they had cured cancer, aids and blindness all at once.